Help name a character in Witch Fall

Thursday, January 31, 2013
I'm working on Witch Fall right now and I need a name for a character. But this isn't just any character, she's also an elephant and a big metaphor for the entire novel. 

And she needs a name! 

This book is heavily inspired by Chinese culture, so keep that in mind. Here's a draft of the naming scene:

Lilette startled at movement far, far above her.
She craned her head back to find herself not a half dozen steps away from the elephant. The animal was still outfitted in rich trappings covered in tassels that swayed as she studied Lilette with intelligent eyes. It enormous trunk prodded Lilette’s arms, as if searching for something. 
A slow smile spread across Lilette’s face. “Oh, yes. We can use this.”
Keeping her movements smooth, Lilette lifted the bar across the door and shoved them open wide.
Trying to pretend she knew what she was doing, she repeatedly slapped the elephant’s shoulder and said, “Lift leg!” To her utter delight, the elephant sort of crouched down and stuck out its leg. Lilette felt a rush of fear, and something else, excitement. She stepped onto the crook of its leg and scrambled up. And promptly slipped of onto her rear.
The elephant looked at her with something close to amusement in her eyes. Right then, Lilette decided to name her:  


Also, Witch Fall is the #46th most popular October release on Goodreads. Which is great (especially since it doesn't have a cover yet!), but I'm a wee bit competitive. I want to move it up the the list. Waaay up. 

Here's how you can help:

Add Witch Fall to your TBR pile: 

Add/vote for Witch Fall on any Listopia lists:
*You can also add/vote for Winter Queen on most of the same lists! 


  1. fredamans said...:

    Ling is a female Chinese name. It means clever, intelligent and spiritual.

  1. I went to school with a brilliant Taiwanese girl named Mei Lin. Perhaps that might be good.

  1. Ella said...:

    I like Sakari. It means sweet one.

  1. Fredamans: I really like Ling. I already have a character named Lang, I wonder if that's too similar.
    Luke: Is that a Chinese name?
    Lisa: Oh, that's pretty.
    Ella: Is that Chinese too? It sounds Indian . . .

  1. Ella said...:

    I'm not sure. The site I was looking at didn't say.

  1. Ella said...:

    But I do like Jia Li it means good and beautiful. I know that this one is Chinese.

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