Cover Reveal Countdown 2 + Sneak Peek

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Qari has fans of frost flowers at her back. Have you ever seen the frost flowers in the ice? Qari puts them there.  They're beautiful. 


  1. So I guess if we've not received an email for the cover reveal, we aren't in on it?

  1. If you've signed up for my newsletter, you'll receive it. With Witch Born, I sent the email out a day early and asked that no one share it until a certain time. Within seconds, it was posted on Goodreads.

    So yeah, you'll get it, just not until right before. :)

  1. Oh thanks, Amber. That's great. And thank you for amswering. Shows how awesome you are. I completely understand. I just hadn't seen anything and I've been offline for the most part. Can't wait! XD

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