Witch Fall (Witch Song #3)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Supreme in their dominion over seasons, storms, and sea, the witches have forgotten the unmatched destructiveness of mankind. And among the weapons men seek are the magical songs of the witches.

Born of witches but raised among their enemies, Lilette searches for a way to heal the rift between mankind and the witches. But it may be too late to save either. For if there is one thing Lilette has come to know for certain, it’s that all things fall.

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The character's lives would go up and then crash down so hard I couldn't even scream.  ~Michelle Kullman

Equal parts breathtaking, beautiful and tragic. ~Tams at TCC Books

Everything pulled me in from the very beginning and held me captivated page after page all the way to the inevitable ending that had me both heartbroken and full of hope. ~Kelly, Amazon reviewer

Argyle's prose and world-building skills are exquisite. ~Cherie Reich, author

One of my favorite fantasy series of all time. ~Ashley Ferguson
First Page: 

Chapter 1
Lilette left the island like she came into it, amid a wave of
suffering and death. ~Jolin
Lilette pointed her hands above her head and leapt off the
cliff. Eyes closed, she reveled in the feel of falling. She
sliced through the cool water at the base of the waterfall, kicking
until she reached the rocky bottom.
There, she paused. Everything looked different down here.
The water caught the sharp sunlight, bending it into slanting
shafts of turquoise. The figures of the other girls on the bank were
wavering and insubstantial—as if they were mere reflections
instead of flesh and blood. It was like looking at the outside
world through a mirror. But which side was real, and which was
the reflection?
Lilette wished she didn’t have to go back, that she could
stretch this moment beneath the cool water into forever. But her
lungs began to ache for air.
I will escape my fate, she promised herself. It had taken her
nearly two weeks to gather enough sleeping herbs to drug Bian’s
family. Tonight, two days before her wedding, she would slip the
herbs into the evening meal. After everyone was sound asleep,
she’d gather her supplies and slip away.
Lilette’s toes pushed off the rocks. She swam upward and
broke the surface to take a gasping breath.
Pan stood at the rim of the cliffs, her arms folded over her

chest. “Come on, Li. The others want to head back soon.”

Witch Born (Witch Song #2)

Brusenna thought it was finished. She defeated the Dark Witch, saving the Witches from imprisonment and death. She found love and a place to belong. 

But she was wrong. A new threat merges with the old as the Witches' dark history begins to catch up with them. Only Brusenna knows the extent of the danger and how to stop it, though doing so might cost her everything. 

Including her life.

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If you like books like The Iron Fey seriesBorn Wicked or The Girl of Fire and Thorns, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. ~Deea from Deea's Journal

It was so refreshing to read high fantasy that's still accessible. ~Melanie, Goodreads reviewer

The romance that blooms is so natural and imperfect and frustratingly lifelike, it draws you in and holds you there, right up until the very last word of the very last chapter. ~WBurr, Amazon Reviewer

Amber Argyle has again put me under her spell with the truly beautiful and lyrical way in which she writes. ~Cath from Book Chatter Cath

First page:
1. Shadows

The night was so deep the shadows seemed to bleed darkness. Senna glanced toward the hidden sky, searching for the moon that would not come. Not tonight. Even the strongest starlight was strangled by the dense canopy of trees. The temporary blindness was frightening, but it ensured no one would notice her slipping away.

With each step she took, the roar of the waterfall grew louder. Finally, she reached the staircase carved into the side of the cliff. Mindful of the slippery steps, she climbed upward until her muscles burned and sweat broke across her skin despite the chill.

When she’d crested the top and crossed the bleak expanse, she glanced at the frothing sea far below. Sea spray misted her skin. She faced westward, towards the distant land of Tarten. Closing her eyes, she cast her senses across the vast ocean, searching and feeling the faraway echoes of the Four Sisters—Earth, Water, Plants, and Sunlight. She concentrated until she could hear their pain, an aching melody.

Senna’s tears started again, wetting the salty tracks already on her cheeks. At night, her dreams haunted her. Dreams of a withered land and a dying people. With all the strength she had, she sang.

Let not the curse of Witches
Destroy a land of natural riches.
Plants, preserve life in thy roots,
Seeds sleep in earth, send forth no shoots
Until the Witches shall disperse
This terrible and unjust curse.

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