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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Witch Born comes out in a little over a week. It's kinda like being pregnant. It felt like forever. But now that it's here, it seemed to have gone really fast. I'm sending my little book out into the world to get a job. ;) Which is a good thing, cause I could sure use some cash. I'm even considering a job. It pays well and would work great with my schedule. It would be nice to have a steady, decent sized paycheck (in case you didn't know, most authors only make 3K on their first book). But it would cut way back on my writing time.

Is the sacrifice worth it? I just don't know . . .

Moving on . . . someone told me this is my sophomore book, which is kinda a fun idea. I'm not the new kid anymore, but I'm not an old pro yet.

I'm trying not to obsess over numbers and rankings. Or to read reviews. Reviews are of the devil. Even the good ones mess with your mind. For instance, you say a certain character made the whole book AMAZING. But I'm killing off that character in the next book. You see how that can screw with your head?

The physical launch party is Sept 17th at the Hyrum City Library from 7-8:30.
I'll also be at the LUW Conference in Park City, Utah on the 15th. Saturday the 29th I'm signing at the Logan Hastings time 6-9. 

 Next week, you'll get to read the first 7 or so chapters on a fun blog tour. Here's the list:
Page Turners-Chapter 1 
Soul Unsung-Chapter 2 
The Reading Geek-Chapter 3 
Book Haven Extraordinaire-Chapter 4
Clean Teen Fiction-Chapter 5
Amber Argyle-Chapter 5 continued 

Witch Song Blog Tour Recap

Monday, August 27, 2012
With Witch Born's release coming up next week, I thought it might be fun to have a recap of Witch Song's blog tour. Enjoy.
Blog Tour
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Tuesday, August 23: 
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Thursday, August 25: Casey at The Bookish Type (Teenage Garage Sale)  
Friday, August 26: 
Kari at A Good Addiction (Tens List)

Sunday, August 28- Page Turners Witch Song Chapter 1
Monday, August 29: 
Katie at Mundie Moms (Guest Post)
Monday, Aust 29: 
Fire and Ice Witch Song Chapter 2
Tuesday, August 30: 
Jodie at Jodie's Book Reviews (Character Interview)
Tuesday, August 30: 
Once Upon A Twilight  Witch Song Chapter 3
Wednesday, August 31: Precious at Fragments of Life (Review)
Wednesday, August 31: 
We Fancy Books Witch Song Chapter 4
Thursday, September 1: Melissa at Mel's Books and Info (Into the Past)
Thursday, September 1: Mundie Moms Witch Song Chapter 5
Friday, September 2: Lexie at Poisoned Rationality (Character Tens List)
Monday, September 5: Jessica T at Hopeless Bibliophile (Author Interview)
Tuesday, September 6: Cassandra at CA Marshall (Character Interview)
Wednesday, September 7: Amy at Reading Teen (Review)

Friday, September 9: Nicole at Books Complete Me (Tens List)
Monday, September 12: Amy at Reading Teen (Guest Post) 
Tuesday, September 13: Stacy M at Urban Fantasy Investigations (Character Interview) 
Thursday, September 15: Kathy at I'm a Reader, Not a Writer (When I’m Not Writing)
Friday, September 16: Corrine at Lost for Words (This or That List)

Thanks so much to the girlies at The Teen Book Scene and Katie from Mundie Moms for setting up the tours! September 19th at

Sneak peak of the scene from the cover

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
 This passage is about 1/3 of the way through the book and is the inspiration for the cover. Senna and her new friend, Mistin, are gathering pollen during the harvest. Enjoy!

The vines of the chesli plants twined partway up the trees. Only visible on a moonless night, the flower’s fuzzy, pollen-scattered centers glowed golden. Moths and insects of a hundred varieties flitted anxiously from one flower to the next, lugging glowing pollen that dusted the air like a thousand falling stars. Witches surrounded Senna and Mistin, their skin smudged and streaked with glimmering bits.
“Why are we doing this?” Mistin asked.
Sometimes Senna forgot Mistin was even newer to Haven than she was. “Because the chesli only blooms for a few nights a year, during mid-summer’s dark phase of the moon. Their pollen increases a potion’s shelf life exponentially without altering the potion’s properties—it’s a catalyst.”
With a wince, Mistin rolled her shoulders. “Why can’t we gather it during the day?”
Senna sighed. “Because the flowers close during the day.”
“We could pry them open,” Mistin grumbled.
“They’re too delicate. It would kill them and there’d be no seed, and therefore no flowers next year.” Senna gathered pollen by brushing a fuzzy cloth inside the flower. After the cloth was full, she shook it off inside a glass jar and went back for more. “Did I ever thank you for warning me?”
Mistin smiled a little. “You’re welcome.”
Soft trails of light following them, moths competed with Senna for the flowers as they bumped dumbly from one to the next. Her hands were brushed by wings that added their soft powder to her skin. To Senna’s surprise, she heard the flower’s music. They were calling for the moths, songs that seemed to paint the night with colors of light. The melody was so gentle and full of longing, she forgot about her own heartache and hummed along.
By unspoken agreement, she and Mistin worked steadily away from the others. Soon Senna’s skin glowed bright enough that the moths bumped into her as frequently as they did the flowers. As a general rule, she hated bugs. But these moths were so beautiful they didn’t really count. They were more like tiny, delicate birds than insects.
A soft touch startled her. She looked down to see a moth skimming along her palm. Another landed on her wrist. She brought the insect close, studying the intricate patterns on its wings. A third moth clung to Senna’s smallest finger, its tiny legs tickling so she had to fight to keep from wiggling and scaring the moths away.
She froze and let the moths come. They coated her hands, their wings working as they fought each other to get ever closer. Soon, her hands were covered in moths like living mittens. She must have  some in her hair too, because they flitted next to her face, climbing the tendrils of her hair like vines.
She was so caught up with the moths that Mistin’s voice startled her. “Do they normally do that?”
“They’re lost without the moon,” Senna whispered so as not to frighten them.
Mistin was breathing hard. “Shake them off.”
But Senna didn’t want to startle them. So instead, she sang.
Off with thee, off with thee, off in the night.
Fly for the moon and stars so bright.
The music around her fell in harmony with her song, and the moths sprang away from her hands in an explosion of wings. In moments, they were again flitting from flower to flower in mass confusion. None came back to Senna. Her hands still tickling with the memory of their clinging legs, she watched the moths.
Her smile faded when she saw Mistin gaping at her. “Senna, you’re shining.”
Senna looked down at herself and she was shocked to discover it was true. It wasn’t just the pollen and the dust from moth wings. Away from the lantern light, her skin shimmered softly. 
I kinda sorta love that section. It makes me want to be a Witch. 

The winner of last weeks contest is Hannah at Book Haven. 

Have a great week everyone!

Book Bloggers Wanted

Friday, August 17, 2012
To celebrate the release of Witch Born, I'm giving away the first 5 chapters free. I need is 4 book bloggers who'd be willing to each post a chapter simultaneously on Sept 5th and link to one another's blogs. That day, you'll need to tweet, facebook, etc on your social networking sites. I'll send you an email with purchase links/cover/etc.

If you're willing and would like to be considered, leave your name and a link to your blog in the comments. Blogs will be chosen on a variety of points, including blog hits, views, comments, relevancy, etc. 

If you are not chosen to host a chapter, everyone who'd like can still do an interview/feature. Just leave your name and an email address and I'll be in touch. 

Also, I'm have a limited number of swag packs (signed bookmarks and bookplates) to giveaway for those willing to host giveaways on their site in conjunction with a review of Witch Song or Witch Born. Let me know if you're interested in the comments and I'll email you!

And don't forget to enter to win Witch Born (below). 

Only two more weeks to go!

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Sneak peak + win a copy of Witch Born

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Time for the third contest to win a copy of Witch Born, AND I'm sharing lots of never before seen quotes. 

It's really easy, all you have to do is share a quote from Witch Born. 

"Wait!" you say. "We haven't read it yet!"

No fear, gentle reader, I'm providing you with a slew of them. :)

"Where shall we share them?" you add. 

The usual places: facebook, twitter, blogs, Pinterest (I've already added a few, so all you have to do is push share), Goodreads has a place you can add them too. One point per share. 

First line: 
The night was so deep the shadows seemed to bleed darkness. 

A kiss: 
Joshen tipped her chin up and kissed her. He was always soft and gentle, but today Senna felt an undeniable hunger somewhere deep inside him. He was trying to suppress it. But she didn’t want that. She wanted him to banish the lingering foulness of the curse and the fear that had never released her from its sweaty grasp, replacing all of that with the sweet taste of his mouth. 

Joshen's brown hair hung over his forehead in waves. His gray eyes—the color of snow in the shade—stood out on his tanned face. The skin around his eyes was creased, as if he never stopped smiling long enough for the lines to smooth out. 

From the cover: 
The vines of the chesli plants twined partway up the trees. Only visible on a moonless night, the flower’s fuzzy, pollen-scattered centers glowed golden. Moths and insects of a hundred varieties flitted anxiously from one flower to the next, lugging glowing pollen that dusted the air like a thousand falling stars.

“One can’t sacrifice a higher law for a lower one.”
She stared at him.
Reden nodded to himself. “When you’re in that moment of decision, where right and wrong are so mixed up you can’t tell which is which, always remember to follow the higher law.”
It’s what he’d done when he’d sacrificed his home country for the world. “But how do you know which law is higher?”
“It’s usually the decision that’s harder at first, but better in the long run.”

Songs from Witch Born: 
Let not the curse of Witches 
Destroy a land of natural riches. 
Plants, preserve life in thy roots, 
Seeds sleep in earth, send forth no shoots 
Until the Witches shall disperse 
This terrible and unjust curse.
Magic rings and moonbeams,
Star giggles and shadow schemes,
Gallantly slip the singing streams.
The lion basks in the flower’s beams
In the garden of your dreams.
Ember to flame
Scorch and burn
To Cinders and ash

Leave your links! 

The winner from last week's contest is Mallary Mott! 

Contest for Witch Born

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
I'll be giving away a Proof of Witch Born every week for the next few weeks.

This week, I'm promoting on Goodreads. 
*Tally up all your own points. If you've already done one of the above, that counts. 

*Leave appropriate links. I check the winner's links to make sure they do one of the above. The last contest I had, I went through three people before I found one that actually did anything. 

*Leave an email address. I had a winner who did not and I couldn't find her to inform her she'd won, so the book went to the next person. 

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