The Link Between Depression and Table Salt

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
So I've been blogging for the last few months about my struggles with depression and our family's many medical issues. I decided to try a naturopath. She tested me. And it was weird. But when you get desperate enough, you'll try weird things. She said my iodine was really low, which was making my thyroid malfunction and my progesterone levels fall. She put me on kelp supplements.

Within a few days, I felt like a whole new person. My depression was gone, as was my fatigue. In the two weeks since I've been on it, I've lost 10 pounds (and I haven't been doing anything different).

I did some research on iodine and discovered that iodine deficiency is on the rise again. Many people have stopped using table salt (cause "salt is bad for you"). Many other people (like me) have gone to kosher salt and pink himalayin salt - neither of which have iodine in them. And iodine is not added to the salt you get in processed foods. It's only in specifically labeled table salt.

So if you have any of the following symptoms, maybe try a kelp supplement. And start using table salt with iodine again!

Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
Coarse, dry hair
Dry, rough pale skin
Hair loss
Cold intolerance (you can't tolerate cold temperatures like those around you)
Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches
Memory loss
Abnormal menstrual cycles
Decreased libido

*I'm not a doctor. Just wanted I'd like to pass along the knowledge.* 

Also, I suggest you all try a naturopath - but not one of the quaky ones who thinks conventional medicine is ridiculous. My naturopath was a nurse and fully believes in modern medicine. Her focus is balancing the body's systems, where medical doctors only treat symptoms.

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