8 Ways to help your fav author

Thursday, January 24, 2013
*wink, wink, nudge, nudge* 
** Originally posted by Rachelle Gardner at Books and Such. 
Here are a few simple things that can make a world of difference to an author:
1. Amazon reviews. If you have positive things to say about a book, go ahead and say them! Don’t be false; don’t rave about a book you don’t really like. But write a good review if you can. Reviews are a powerful tool on Amazon that can make a big difference in an author’s sales.
2. Reviews on other retail sites. Barnes & Noble, the Apple store, Kobo, Smashwords… it helps to leave good reviews on any of the retail sites you visit.
3. Amazon “Like” button. See that little “thumbs up” icon on the Amazon page, right below the title and author? Click it!

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And you know, maybe follow through with some of these ideas for your *ahem* favorite authors. *.* 


  1. LC Piper said...:

    No hint too small. I think I got it. ;-)

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