{Winter Queen} Character naming contest results

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My options (thanks to everyone who contributed!):

Breena, Nixie, or Tianna
Rhom (Rhombus), or Adàmas. The shape of a diamond, or the Greek word for unbreakable.
Seppen which is snowflake in Japanese or Yuki which is snow.
Nia or Astra 
Storm, breeze, frost, schiv, brre. Crystal, gail, faul, lait,
Lisette, Selaih, Anreid, or Linnenl
Wyntir or maybe Hadiil or Iclacr.
Serena, Angelica (messenger), Zephyra (west wind), Gwenllian (fair, white, flood)

Pretty awesome list! 
So to weed it down, any names with meaning in Winter Queen come from Slovene, so that eliminates any names that come from other languages (even though I really liked some of them). I love Breena though! It's kinda a combination of breeze and freeze and burr. Yet it still sounds feminine and sort of soft, which is how I imagine this fairy. Thanks for the suggestion, Cheri Schmidt. 

And on to the next fairy. Here's the list: 

Strix, named after the great grey owl, or a variation like Strixy, Strixia, Trixie, etc.
Lillia : ) or Justine : )
Adiya~~~ meaning God's treasure or God's ornament
Carynn would be cool.
Or Laellana (ley-lana)
howler, cry, screatch, tallon, niel, fallon, crawler
Isanne, Eria, Alvara, and Maia. I looked up the meanings and I think that Isanne and Eria mean Ice, and Alvara and Maia have to do with warriors. 
Margaux, Eviana, Aiden
Elvey or Brietta or Briana
Luana or Wilhelmina
Myrina (swiftly bounding), Imelda (all warrior), or Aellai (storm winds, whirlwind)

Ah! I wish I knew the base languages of some of these names, because I really like quite a few. Alas, I don't have time to look them all up. Verina, Leylana, Tallon, Fallon are my favorites. Hmmmm. . . Leylana is far too pretty, I think (though I may very well use it for another character). Being that this is a warrior fairy, I'm going to go with Tallon. Thanks for the suggestion, Luke! 

If your name wasn't chosen, don't feel too bad. I'm going to use quite a few of these. For sure: Verina (she'll be a summer fairy because it sounds like vervain). Leylanna could be a main character name, I like it so much. Fallon might be Tallon's sister. I like that! Also, Myrina, Imelda, and Aellai all sound like pretty fierce warriors. Luana is pretty and I like Eviana. Isanne is a good one as well. Oh, I could go on and on, but I have writing to do! 

Thanks for your participation, all! 

Also, I have 4 thousand bookmarks. I'm going to have to get rid of lots in the next few months. I'm going to offer bookmarks to book bloggers who do a book review (and have a decent following). Any other brilliant ideas?


  1. LC Piper said...:

    Launch your book into space. But it's not my original idea.
    Also, if you know you have a dedicated fan base some where, you could hide a copy of your book with something special. Somewhere safe in their city. First to get it with your clues leading up to book launch gets the preview early.
    Or a Web version of this hunt. Like a blog hop, but more secretive. Tie it into your books theme. Winter of course.

  1. LC Piper said...:

    And hurrah for Tallon!

  1. Luke: Hiding it in a blog is a fantastic idea! I wish I had time for something like that.

  1. Travis said...:

    I like the idea of launching your book into space! :)
    Are you going to be going as an author to the kids' school? You could do some bookmarks there...
    Will you be doing another thing at the library any time soon? More bookmarks...
    You had lots of good name suggestions. I kinda suck at that kind of thing. :P

  1. Travis said...:

    Oops..didn't realize I was signed in as the hubs. It's Misty :)

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