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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
One chapter is posted on each of the following blogs:

Sunday, August 28- Page Turners Witch Song Chapter 1
Monday, Aust 29: Fire and Ice Witch Song Chapter 2
Tuesday, August 30: Once Upon A Twilight Witch Song Chapter 3
Wednesday, August 31: We Fancy Books Witch Song Chapter 4
Thursday, September 1: Mundie Moms Witch Song Chapter 5 

Thanks to Mundie Moms for setting the tour up.

And the Teen Scene Blog Tour links for the week (links will be updated when they're posted):

Monday, August 29: Katie at Mundie Moms (Guest Post)
Tuesday, August 30: Jodie at Jodie's Book Reviews (Character Interview)
Wednesday, August 31: Precious at Fragments of Life (Review)
Thursday, September 1: Melissa at Mel's Books and Info (Into the Past)
Friday, September 2: Lexie at Poisoned Rationality (Character Tens List)
And reviews links:
My Writing Bug
Esther's Ever After

I want to thank all the people who follow my blog. All the bloggers who've been part of one of my three tours (I *heart* Book Lovin' Bitches, The Teen Book Scene, and Mundie Moms!). All the readers who've taken the time to write a review and share a little of Witch Song with the world.

You have a part in Witch Song's success; in the fact that we're going up against books with big marketing budgets and we're holding our own--and in some cases kicking butt.

And if you've gone through all that and you're still here, I commend you. Now I'm going to share some personal stuff. My book's official release date is tomorrow. Reviews are going up EVERYWHERE. This is super awesome. I'm beyond thrilled that people are reading something I spent years writing and then taking their valuable time to write a review. By and large, they're loving it.

But a few people aren't. That's okay. Not every book is for every person. I don't expect everyone to love Witch Song, and I don't want anything other than honest reviews. BUT I've come to the point where I can't read them anymore. I've talked to other authors, and most of them are adamant that you don't read your reviews. I can see why.

The honest truth? I need positivity in my life. I need encouragement and people in my corner rubbing my shoulders and shooting water in my mouth so it can run down the front of my shirt. I need cheerleaders. And part of writing reviews (for some) is about criticising. That's important for many readers in deciding whether or not to buy a book, but it's crippling for writers (kinda like having one too many alpha readers after the fact).

IF you'd like me to read/comment on your review or post a link on my blog, please feel free to send it to me: amberargyle at yahoo dot com But please don't bother if your review is negative. I don't want to hurt any one's feelings here. I'm just trying to preserve a positive aura.

Q4U: If you're an aspiring writer, do you think you'll read your reviews? Do you think reviews should be brutally honest or tactful? Can you really do both?



  1. Congratulations, Amber! So very excited for you. WITCH SONG was beautiful! :D

    I'm in the camp of definitely not going to be reading my reviews. O:)

  1. Ahh, I loved the first five chapters. Anxious for the next.

  1. Danielle: You're smart. It's murder to read them.

    Connie: Thanks!

  1. LC Piper said...:

    Really enjoying reading Witch Song. Congratulations on your official published status.

    As a writer, will I read my reviews. Honestly I'm sure I'll peek from time to time, but no I won't for the same reasons you are. The review isn't for the author, it's for the reader. When presented honestly from any viewpoint to any end I believe they are of value to the markets consumers. You know that old saying: Any review is a good thing. Even if a review is bad, then at least people are still reading your writing even if they hate it so at least you're not suffering from lack of being read.

    The feedback from readers by personal contact are best for us writers I think. Our alpha/beta readers, Editors and publishers (maybe writing groups) should be our only 'reviews' that we pay attention to. And in the end, it's our story and our decision. For better or worse.

  1. Hi :)

    I got a copy of Witch Song yesterday! It looks great! I am so excitet to read iz :) !!!


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