Princess for A Day

Friday, May 20, 2011
I'm taking the liberty of naming myself Princess for A Day because of my interview over at Princess Reviews <--click on the link and read all about it.

One thing I mentioned is anesthesia's occasional lack of effect on me. Childbirth and later stitching was excruciating. My last c-section was horrifying. It makes writing about injuries very real though. :)

Needless to say, there will be no more children for me.


  1. Oh my. I'm a sissy when it comes to pain.

  1. Thanks, Donna.
    Michael: That's why I'm not having more kids. ;)

  1. Sandy said...:

    Oh wow that's terrible but you got through it though thankfully.

    A quote from one of my favourite mangas said by an older woman about men.

    "This is why women have the babies"

    The father to be was not handling the labour well xD.

  1. Barb said...:

    What a wonderful, positive spin to see how it can benefit your writing! Sorry to had to experience it though.

    By the way, the trailer for Witch Song is fabulous.

  1. Sandy: My husband had to sit with his head between his knees for about an hour during two births. The third I forbid him to even look.

    Barb: Thanks! I thought it turned out well. :)

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