Review of the Wild Soccer Bunch by Joachim Masennek + Updates

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Review by my 9 year old son. *disclosure: we received this book from LibraryThing earlier reviews.
The Wild Soccer Bunch, Book 1, Kevin the Star StrikerThis book is about kids who love to play soccer. Their coach is Larry, but they’re not really an official team; they mostly just play in a field for fun. Fabio, the son of a
famous Brazilian soccer star, wants to practice with the Wild Soccer Bunch. Instead, he plays for the Furies and his famous dad won’t let him switch.

The Wild Soccer Bunch finally gets a chance to play the Furies. They have to find a sponsor and logo. The game goes back and forth. The Wild Soccer Bunch eventually looses 11-4. Fabio’s dad is so impressed by the Wild Soccer Bunch’s courage that he hosts a party in their honor and announces that he’ll allow his son to play on their team. He buys them jerseys and helps them get their team going.

I liked this book because it shows that you can face really hard challenges and even if you don’t win, good things can come out of it. The funniest part where when they jumped off the eight foot bridge. My favorite part of the book was when the Wild Soccer Bunch faced the Furies.


There he is, folks, my uber cute son. He's also writing two books at present. I'm so proud I could pop. :)

  • I still have two giveaways going on. Both books are signed. Matched by Ally Condie and The Third by Abel Keogh
  • ARCs for Witch Song aren't in yet. For those of you eagerly awaiting your copy, patience young padawans. It will get done.
  • My kitchen faucet is broken. Water will only come out the sprayer. This has been going on for 3 weeks, and the part is on backorder. Do you have any idea how many times I soaked myself when I've turned on the faucet without thinking? (There may or may not but definitely was swearing involved.)
  • I have a cold that has rendered my nose much like my kitchen faucet. Broken. This has been going on for over a week now.
  • I am, once again, freaking out. MY BOOK COMES OUT IN 3.5 MONTHS! What if everyone hates it! What if there's a big grammatical error! . . . I am forcing myself to replace this crippling fear with positivity. What if everyone loves it! What if it sells like crazy! What if . . . well, you get the idea.
  • BIG BIG BIG things are in fact happening with WITCH SONG. And I can't tell you about any of them. Gosh, don't you just hate teasers?!?
  • My current WIP is up to 60,000 words. I'm kinda stalled out on how to delve deeper into my magical system. The magic comes from trees, so the trees have to communicate with people somehow. Mindspeach and dreams feel so cliche. Any ideas?
  • Barnes and Noble has increased the price of WITCH SONG from $9.44 to $13.99. Those of you who have already preordered the book have therefore saved over $4 bucks! So sorry for the rest of you. :(


  1. Sorry about your cold! :( I hope you get feeling better soon! Also, I'm very intrigued by your WIP. It sounds amazing! :)

  1. * Sucks to have your kitchen faucet broken especially when the sprayer attacks you every chance it gets! Did you do something bad to it? You may want to apologize to it-bow with folded hands-give it a Namaste' and maybe it'll shoot at someone else-teeheez :o]

    * I have one word for your cold: Zyrtec-D !!! It's the season for allergies/colds and Zyrtec-D should help that runny nose. Add some Vitamin C and B-Complex to that and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon! Colds run there course but the extra's should help with the symptoms :o]

    * 'What if' thinking will get you nowhere! Especially if it's stinkin' thinkin'!
    Go the more positive route! Don't be afraid to think positive :o] Don't forget the Little Engine That Could! LOL, Laugh now but tis true, more good things happen with positive thoughts.
    Keep up the positive thinking, it's good! I understand nervous jitters but now's the time you really should be enjoying yourself! You've achieved an amazing goal! You've written a fantastic debut novel and have a huge loyal following and the book isn't even due out for a few months!
    We've all read the first few chapters of Witch Song and it rocked! Rocked enough that it's driving me insane-in a good way! Plus, I have a really good sense for these things and I know that it's going to sell like ice cold water in a hot dry desert!

    * I love the fact that BIG things are happening with Witch Song, I'd expect nothing less-nothing big would be happening if it wasn't fantastic (see above) :o]
    I hate the teaser factor but it's part of the mystique and allure, LOL!

    * Hmmm...WIP...Magic comes from the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water--something to think about. Tree's are connected to all with fire being represented by the sun. Communing with trees can come with being in touch with any element and knowing how to read the sign or message the tree's are sending, i.e. if the tree is sending a message of 'Hey, Wus Up' perhaps it could be read by a certain person in a leaf or a rain pattern, etc... just a thought that might lead somewhere?

    * I pre-ordered at Amazon, they raised the price there, too!

    Those were my thoughts, silly as they may be, they are mine.

    I really do believe that you will be a best-seller, Amber, I hope that you will believe that, too!

    Hugs to you,


  1. Chantele: S'okay. I'll survive it somehow. I'm glad you're intriged. It's been a lot of work to get to this point (as you well know).

    Kristi: The sprayer was leaking. So my husband "fixed" it. Which turned the leak into an attack system. I have allergy stuff, I should totally use it instead of the Nyquil.

    As for selling well, so many things have to come together. Did you know big publishers pay to have the books face out on the big tables at the front of stores? They spend thousands of dollars on adds.

    Anyway, I LOVE YOUR IDEA OF READING THE LEAVES. Seriously got my mind churing. I'm so using it. It's PERFECT!


  1. That's great, Amber!

    I assume you know I was j/k about the sprayer, LOL. I have a dry sense of humor and unless you see my face, it always falls flat, I am a blast to hang with though :o]

    Nyquils cool, take your vities, though. You need them for all sorts of reasons, specially your B's! (RN close to her Master's speaking here-that's an order!)

    I cannot believe publishers spend that kind of cash on things like that. It's a competitive market but still, that's a lot of dinero's!
    Can you tell them they can have 1/2of my page and all I want is an iPad2? Teehee--

    I'm really happy to hear you liked reading the leaves idea, now you can take it, work your magic and weave your brilliance into the story :o]

    As far as paying extra for the book, people will still pay it. Also, when you get in the stores, there is always a discount for those that have memberships etc... I don't think it will deter people from buying it.

    You should do a Blog Tour! That would be fun and really promote your book! Having a count-down widget for your book for us to put on our blogs would be great, too. Something to think about :o]


  1. Oh, and forgot to mention about the leaves---another way to incorporate the elements and to commune with the trees is to have someone read the sun or full moons shadow on the leaves upon the ground, for instance, at any particular time someone who is 'gifted' may see a sign or message from the trees in the way the leaves shadow is portrayed on the ground by either the sun or the moon. Again, "Wus Up" could be read by a pattern the shadow of the leaves make on the ground by the sun or moon.
    Just another idea.

    Okay, done now!


  1. That sucks about the increase in price on that book. American greed knows no bounds.

  1. Michael: I'm not sure why they suddenly decided to increase the price. :/

  1. I used to watch this soccer cartoon when I was a kid, this reminded me of it.

    oh B&N I thought we were friends!

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