Twin Falls Activities: Hike Black Magic Canyon

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Black Magic Canyon
Twin Falls Idaho
 Twin Falls Activities: Hike Black Magic Canyon

So often, we think we need to travel to far off places to experience the world and fail to appreciate the beauty in our own back yard. Thus, it is with Black Magic Canyon. 

An hour north of Twin Falls, Idaho, this little canyon boasts the alien features you might expect to pay good money to visit in popular destination spots in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. But like many underrated things in Idaho, this little slot canyon is free and absolutely worth every second.

Unlike its southern cousins, Black Magic Canyon trades out ochre and rust sandstone for solid black basalt. The Big Wood River has carved alien twists and turns and hollowed out boulders that look more like dinosaur vertebrae than actual rocks.

To find it, take US 93 N and Highway 75 until you reach Cottonwoods Rd/W Magic Rd in Lincoln County. You’ll see a small parking lot and informational sign just to the right. The trail veers to the left and slopes into the riverbed. Follow the riverbed until you begin your descent into Black Magic Canyon.

This hike is rated moderate, but if you want to kick it up a notch, hike under the Highway 75 bridge to find a second slot canyon. This one is a little harder to navigate and even longer than the first. Know how to rappel? Because there’s a third slot canyon a few hundred yards past the second one, for those with the skills and daring. Or you could make a weekend out of the trip and camp at Magic Valley Reservoir (great fishing and lots of boondocking spots!).

Plan your trip in the early spring, fall, or winter, as this canyon is filled with irrigation water in the summer. To check, call Big Wood Canal Company at 208-886-2331. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water and snacks.

Amber Argyle



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