Etiquette for Contacting an Author

Monday, January 3, 2022
1. Do not email an author your critique of their work.

Authorship is a lonely road through a lot of self-doubt and gatekeepers. Authors need encouragement and support, not random critiques on an already published book (changes cannot be made at this point). Instead, post your reviews on retailers or Goodreads.

2. Do not ask an author for free books.

You wouldn't like it if someone asked you for free services. Don't do it to us. People have a sense that authors make a lot of money. "54% of “traditionally-published” authors (and nearly 80% of self-published authors) earn less than $1,000 a year." I do offer a couple free novellas for people to try. Having said that, 

3. Do not contact an author for technical assistance or to complain about the formatting of a book.

If there's a problem with your formatting, try updating your app or contact the retailer. I don't work for said retailers, so I don't know how their platforms work on their end. If there are any formatting problems, chances are it has to do with your reader or a faulty download. So don't email me in a huff.

4. Don't ask me to write your book.

Unless you want to pay me a lot of money.

5. Do email us positive reviews and heart emojis. Even if we don't have time to respond, we do see them, and they do make our days. 

6. Do send invitations for events in which you pay the author to come. Or, if it's an online bookclub, ask that all the members buy a copy of the book to compensate the author. 

That's it! Anyone think of any other legit/welcome reasons to email an author? 


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