Live chat on Spreecast w/ Amber Argyle and Mary Ting

Thursday, September 12, 2013
I'm doing a live chat on Spreecast! I have no idea how to pull this off, but Jessica (Crossroad Reviews) is an excellent hand holder. Come as me all your questions. Or just gush about my books. Cause ya know, that never gets old.)


Join us on Sept 14th @ 7pm as we chat with Mary Ting of the Crossroads Series and Amber Argyle of the Witch Song Series. Then at 8pm join Jessica and Frishawn as they chat with their followers and subscribers about upcoming books and more! Also don't forget to enter to win.

Feel free to post on your own networks, and don't forget to enter the contest to win a signed special edition hardcover of Insurgent by Roth. It's just below this post!  


  1. Will do my best to be there Amber.

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