Witch Song cover revamp

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
My cover artist and I are trying to decide what to do with Witch Song's cover. It kind of bugs me that the title/author for Witch Fall and Witch Born are on the bottom. Basically, they match, and Witch Song doesn't. 

But if I move it lower, I cover the pendant, which is a unifying theme throughout the entire series, and serves to visually tie the covers together.

So do we leave it the way it is, or move the title around? 

Option three is to back up the focus, so we show Senna from the waist up instead of just below the shoulders, but I'm not sure we can make it look right. 

I love to involve my fans, so let me know your opinion. 

Original cover


  1. Amber,

    Put the OCD away and leave it be. :p


  1. Hmm, what a hard decision! I do like the idea of being able to see the pendant, since it's so key to the stories, but I like the idea of having the titles more uniform too. Backing Brusenna up a bit in Witch Song could work. You'd see the pendant then. Plus, it would show a little more of her to offset the close up in Witch Born's cover. *shrugs*

  1. I'm really not sure. I think the new look is better but the pendant is also important. Find a way to let the new look not block out the pendant.

  1. Sandy said...:

    I like the new placement just because it puts all the text together so my eyes are drawn to that one spot but it would be a shame to cover up the pendant. Unless you can add the pendant's design to the spine?

  1. Anthony: Yeah, I'm a perfectionist. I try to reign in it.

    Cherie: I've decided that we either have to back her up or leave it like it is. It loses too much without the pendant and the color from the berries.

    Sheena: The only option is to back up the focus.

    Sandy: Most of my books are ebooks though.

  1. I love the new cover if you are worried about the necklace why not put it on the back!

  1. I think backing up the focus will be your only option if you want to keep a similar look to the original.

    In considering how far back, I can't help but wonder if it'd be possible to have the pendant balanced just above the title. It sort of drew my eye when I first saw the cover of Witch Born, which is what lead me to read the title in the first place.

  1. Love the new cover. Definitely back it up. If the very top of her head doesn't show- that's ok. The pendant is too important to move or sacrifice.

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