Why Rae Carson ruined me on reading.

Monday, November 26, 2012
Have you ever read something so intense, so new and different and wonderful that you knew you wouldn't be able to pick up another book for a long, long time. Simply because anything else would be like eating a tootsie roll when you could have had a Lindt truffle (and you all know how I feel about tootsie rolls). The Girl of Fire and Thorns is a story of the power within each of us, no matter how deeply we bury it. It's also a story about loss and redemption and finding oneself.  

If Fire and Thorns was fantastic, Crown of Embers was mind blowing. I couldn't stop reading. My life was literally on hold while I burned through the book. 

I'll be rereading both books. 


  1. Shanda said...:

    Just read and reviewed The Girl of Fire and Thorns on the LDSWBR blog today. I completely agree! (Even if I don't actually know how you feel about tootsie rolls.)

    I can't wait to read The Crown of Embers!

  1. Wow. I guess I've got to have it. The last book you recommended like that was a definite hit with the whole family.

  1. Shanda: I think tootsie rolls are farce. Not really chocolate, not really taffy. They are abomination. ;)

    JoLynne: You won't regret it. :)

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