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Monday, November 12, 2012

I hate Captcha (word verification). It's this sneaky pop up that insists I enter the secret code to prove I'm not a robot (are you getting Terminator flashbacks? What's next, sniffer dogs?). I never get the code right the first time. So then I retype it. Sometimes I clear it on the second time. Sometimes not. 

But it gets worse. If I'm on my iPhone, I don't even try. I just leave and don't come back. 

Either way, that quick little comment I wanted to make is now a long, drawn out pain in the bum. And I'm a lot less likely to come back to your blog. 

"But the spam!" You cry out. "I cannot abide the spam." 

I don't use captcha and I never have spam. 

Disallow anonymous users. That's it. Now you won't have spam and your readers won't have to fight off evil robots disguised as steroid using robots. 

And thanks to Shelly for this fun blogfest. 

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  1. Eh, I still get spam even though I took off anonymous users, but it's not a huge deal. It's just a few here and there, and I can delete them easily. In fact, Blogger usually shuffles them on over to the Spam folder without me having to do a thing. I hate the verification codes.

  1. Wonderfully said Amber!

    And I'm with Michelle. I get the odd spammer but it is rare enough that it is so worth having people 'comfortably comment' on my blog.

    Now go get that Hawaiian glow, Amber!

  1. LTM said...:

    I haven't had spam in ages. Blogger's spam guard actually works well! And yep, many times I don't comment b/c of the hieroglyphics! :D

  1. Unknown said...:

    I took the captcha off my blog too. I hate it. Half the time I can't read it and I don't have issues with spam.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Ah!!! I want to poke captcha with a stick!!! If I don't get it the first try I give up.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I can't figure CAPTCHAs out at all! They literally drive me INSANE! I have even started using a CAPTCH bypass browser extension called RUMOLA which automatically enters them for me!

    So glad that bloggers are uniting against CAPTCHA. Yay!

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