There IS NO love triangle in Witch Born

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
*note: this is a tad spoilery* People keep asking me about the love triangle in Witch Born. 

Just to clarify: there is no love triangle. In the definition in the dictionary (okay, I totally made this up. I'm an author. I make stuff up for a living) a love triangle is when a girl is conflicted between two (hot) men. One is usually the sweet guy next door type who she's known forever. The other is usually dangerous and irresistible. Honestly, love triangles kinda drive me crazy (most of the time). The girl usually picks the dangerous guy. -.- (<--this is a glare face, in case you didn't know)

To be with said dangerous guy, she has to give up/sacrifice a lot. Which is why it drives me crazy. A woman shouldn't have to give up anything important to be with a man. Instead, she should gain. Besides, who wants to live with a dangerous guy for the rest of her life. 

For Brusenna, there is no choice involved. She loves Joshen. Always have. Always will. Is Cord an option? At one point,  he's the only option. But at most, she's conflicted about whether Cord is even a friend, let alone a boyfriend. 

Cord is more like a . . . hot hindrance (have I mentioned how much I adore alliterations-even almost alliterations?). He's a good guy who's been put in a really bad spot and he does the best he can (insert author guilt-those of you who've read it know what the guilt is for). 

So there. When people talk about the love triangle in Witch Born. You can tell them there isn't one. 

Sort of. 

Yeah, I'm definitive like that. ;)


  1. And the dangerous guy must be dark-haired and dark-eyed. "Smoldering" is, I believe, often the word applied to the dangerous guy. :)

  1. Somebody should write a love triangle with two hot guys, neither of whom are dangerous. But I guess you lose all your conflict that way...

  1. Weaver said...:

    You make me smile, Amber. You're right thoug about the giving up thing. Guys and gals do give up things for each other, but they should be getting more--much more--in exchange.

  1. JoLynne: I vote you. ;)
    Donna: Exactly!

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