Cover Progression for Witch Born

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
*all images have been removed because people keep stealing them*
Lots of people have asked about the cover for Witch Born, so I'm posting pictures so you can see how Eve and I arrived on the most awesome cover of 2012 (does my humility astound you?).

 This was the first mock up Eve sent me. It sent me into full on squee mode. I mean, LOOK AT HER! I've been spoiled rotten in the cover department. I'm not sure I could ever use anyone but Eve. *sigh*

Still, I wanted to back up the focus a bit so we could get a little more of the story.

This was my second mock up. I loved how Eve had positioned Brusenna's hips. The hands, not so much. They kinda bugged me.

Below is the third mock up. I loved her hands like this, but I didn't want the pendant to be covered up, as it's a big part of all three of the stories. I was showing this mock up to a friend of a friend and she said, "Why does she need to wear the necklace. Why doesn't she just hold it."
Do you hear the angels singing? Cause I did.

YES! We have the hands. We have the pendant. Also, there's a part where she's wearing a dress made of fire. Can you make her dress out of fire? And can we have more variety with the moths? Also, glowing pollen all around her. Here's my pinterest link:

 Oh my *&%$! Get ride of the fire. I hate the fire! Instead, let's do a dress. I'm thinking red.

*image removed because people keep stealing the bleeping thing*

Oh. My. Gosh. Can I have that dress. Will someone please make me that dress? Also, more moths, please. 

Eve sent me a few sketches of the trees. I wasn't ever really happy, so I went back on Pinterest and found what I was looking for. I sent her a back to Pinterest. We had to mess with the size of the door a bit and add the flowers. And, viola! 
Okay, it may have been a bit more involved than that. But I'm tired of writing this blog post at this point. 


  1. Deea said...:

    Wow, it's fascinating how much work and how many details go into creating a cover. And Eve did a wonderful job in the end. Awesome! (Phew, thanks for not letting that fire there, it looks kind of creepy.:)) And I want that dress too).

    That last pic with the moths, glow, dress and everything would make a great wallpaper. And a poster! Love!

  1. I couldn't get that fire dress off her fast enough! I hated it.

    Thanks, Deea.

  1. The art is stunning. She's gorgeous. Your cover artist is super talented.

  1. Shanella said...:

    This was a great cover! You definitely have a good cover artist :)

  1. Lori: Agreed.
    Shanella: I'm telling you, spoiled rotten.

  1. Wow, so gorgeous. I think the end product is the best of them all. are so lucky your publisher lets you have a say with the cover.

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