Help pick the cover for Witch Born

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
You all get to see a few sneak peaks of Witch Born (you're welcome). There are two scenes I'm debating on for the cover. Vote on your fav in the comments. And remember, this is all first draft stuff, and I've pieced together a few scenes for brevity's sake.

1. Moths competed with Senna for the pollen, bumping dumbly from one flower to the next. Their wings brushed against her hands, adding their soft dusting of their colors to her skin along with the glowing pollen . . .
Senna held out her arms. She was glowing. A soft, golden light spilling from her in flares of gold filigree. She was so full of the Four Sister’s songs, she was drunk with it. She didn’t need to sing for them to know what she wanted. They recognized her wish and obeyed . . .
The wind burst to life, twisting around her in a protective cocoon and pushing everyone back. Some moths clung to her; she felt the tickle of their clinging legs on her skin. Others swirled around like crisp leaves before a fall breeze.

2. Senna trailed her fingers along a leaf, so intricate that she could feel the tiny veins. Stars were carved in the ceiling, diamonds and sapphires glittering from their centers. . . . Shining like polished gold, her hair flared like flames around her head. Her dress was the red glow of coals and her skin shimmered . . . Light flared out from her skin as if she were a star. It curled and flared at the edges, a delicate filigree of song made visible.
. . .
I'll be making a decision very soon. Like today or tomorrow. Which do you think creates the more compelling visual?


  1. Misty said...:

    I like the 2nd one! :)

  1. Very difficult choice. I think number two edges out number one just a little bit.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm actually leaning towards the first one. Leaves have been done a lot, but her skin is glowing and it sounds amazing, but moths leaving trails of color on her might be really awesome


  1. Oh, man. I have to choose between two awesome options? Well, I'm also siding with #2, but could you throw the moths in there with it? :)

  1. ~Mallary~ said...:

    Ah! I love both of them. Definitely a hard choice, but I'll go with the second one!

  1. Wow. I was leaning toward #2 . . . BUT I LOVE DAVID'S IDEA. The cover doesn't have to exactly reflect the book. Maybe I'll combine the two scenes.

  1. I'm loving David's idea as well. The Moths give it an otherworldly feeling. (Hugs)Indigo

  1. Katy S said...:

    I would combine the two somehow - they both sound awesome! :-)

  1. Yeah, I like David's idea. Good luck!

  1. Patricia said...:

    I choose option #2 it sounds so vibrant with many gorgeous colors. I can't wait to see the cover.

    If #1 is chosen it will make an awesome cover and we will love it which ever one wins.

  1. Oh, man. That's a tough decision. I really like both.

  1. Hope I'm not too late to vote for the first. Some strong visuals there.

  1. Carrie said...:

    That is really hard. I like the visual with the moths for sure!

  1. Beth W said...:

    The second one seems like a more compelling visual, and more easily captured and conveyed as well.

  1. Alissa said...:

    I like the red and gold in the second one.

  1. I'm surprised by how many of you like the second one, as I was leaning toward the first.

    And now I'm going to be exceptionally cruel and not tell you exactly what I've decided to do. *ducks*

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