Killing lions with plastic spoons

Thursday, February 2, 2012
Do you ever feel that way? Like you're facing odds so overwhelming you may as well be facing a lion with the plastic spoon from your lunch pail.

I have this awesome manuscript that's so polished it sparkles like Edward Cullen in the sunlight. It's seriously the best dang thing I've ever written. I love all of my books, but this one is special. You might have heard me refer to it as Daughter of Winter--though I'll probably change the name to Winter Queen . . . or maybe just Winter.

And I don't know what to do with it. Well, that's not true. I know what I WANT to do with it. Seriously, this book has the potential to be an international bestseller. It's that good. And I refuse to settle for anything less for it.

There are a few options in the works. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what any of those options are. I might not even agree to them if said options fall short of my expectations.
I'm not sure I'll sign for anything less than BIG. And I mean big big. I want marketing, NY Times bestseller list, and international rights and BIG.

Yet I hate that Winter sits in my computer. Unread and unloved.

I really want to send it to Melissa Frain at Tor books, but have you seen Tor's slush pile? Lion with a spoon, my friends. Lion with a spoon.

Fair warning for the lion-you're going to need all the help you can get. I've sharpened my spoon to a razor point, and I'm coming for your eyes.


  1. Shanella said...:

    Wow, I really hope that you get a deal that you want, because the way you describe this book, I find that I want to read it now. =D

  1. LC Piper said...:

    Have faith. Send it and see. Bigger miracles have yet happened, this one can be yours. Focus your energy on belief and don't be afraid of miracles that don't come packaged as you were expecting. We never know how what we want will come, but if you believe and work for it, then it wil come. Patience grasshopper.
    Good luck.
    See you at LTUE, I've got a book for you to sign.

  1. Just sell your car, buy a plane ticket and go to an editor's party in New York.

    Just kidding.

  1. Shanella: It's SO good.

    Luke: It'll be good to see everyone again.

    JoLynne: haha! I'm sure my husband would LOVE that.

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