Character Interview with Joshen

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Today we're chatting with Joshen (who I always pictured as a cowboy) about what it's like to be Senna's Guardian. But not here, you have to go here: Precious at Fragments of Life (Character Interview)

Also, I'm part of another blog tour that will post the first 5 chapters (1 chapter each) on their blogs. The links and dates are below:

8/28th- Page Turners

8/29- Fire & Ice

8/30- Once Upon A Twilight
8/31- We Fancy Books

9/1- Mundie Moms 
Thanks so much to Katie of Mundie Moms for setting this up!


  1. I'm a Joshen fan!

    (Guess what I've been reading? ;)

    Just so you know, I got another copy as a giveaway for my blog. If that's alright with you, let me know.

    Thanks, Amber!

  1. You can buy as many copies of Witch Song as you'd like. :)

  1. Carrie said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Carrie said...:

    I haven't finished yet. I'm on Chapter 28. Are there any spoilers in the Joshen interview?

  1. Hi Carrie. No spoilers. You should be good to read it. :)

  1. LC Piper said...:

    About a quarter into Witch Song and enjoying it.
    Will you be joining the author signing at the Sept. 10th Utah Book festival in SLC?
    I'd love to have you sign my copy and meet you.

  1. Hi Luke! I've got a signing in Logan that day or I'd totally be there.

    Now I'm all bummed. Oh well. Next year!

    And if you hear of any more of these kinds of events, let me know and I'll try to make it.

  1. LC Piper said...:

    Of course. We big city folk (not me, they just hold me captive down here) need to see you some time. There is always 2012 LTUE, but that's forever away.
    This is funny. So at LTUE they number the yearly conference with roman numerals. Last year was 29 or XXIX. This year is 30. So it will be LTUE XXX. Hah... cracks me up. LTUE XXX @ BYU. That should be their tag line. ;-)

  1. Bleck on big cities. Where I live is too big as is, and it's a lot smaller than Provo.

    HAHAHA! That's fantastic. I'll bet you anything they change it to regular numbers. I turned 30 this year and my hubby got me a card that said, "30 in roman numerals is XXX" on the inside, "I hope this means something."


    Anyways, I dont' know if you noticed, but I do signings if someone sets them up for me and spreads the word . . .

    I think I'll be in Provo for a panel sometime in Oct., if that helps.

  1. Also, if you know Dave (see above), he may be coming down so you might be able to throw your book in with him. If not, I'll be in Syracuse this weekend . . .

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