My Website is Live!

Thursday, June 16, 2011
Go check it out at

After struggling for six months to get my website going, it's finally LIVE! Let me know what you think or if you find any errors (grammatical or otherwise) and I'll get them taken care of.
BIG HUGE ENORMOUS thanks to Chris Loke of Pixology Designs. He took my embarassingly simple drawing and concepts and converted them into a work of art. He was great to work with, and he knows his stuff.

Thank you, Chris!


  1. I visited! Love the artwork and the picture on the right hand side. She's beautiful and mysterious. Great concept!

  1. It looks great! Congrats! :)

  1. tawnya said...:

    It looks great. I can't wait to read it!

  1. It looks amazing!! Congratulations!! :D

  1. Wonderful website! I love how you have reviews of Witch Song sprinkled upon it and have used the cover art and such for the background. Beautiful.

  1. WOW! That looks GREAT!

  1. Thanks guys! I'm so excited. Chris did an amazing job.

  1. That's one beautiful website!

  1. It looks awesome. Congrats on the website!

  1. 1: Your book is in my Amazon cart.

    2. The website looks great except for one thing. The links at the bottom of the page are very not noticebale. If I had just been there casually, there is every chance I would have missed them altogether.

  1. Oooh, it's pretty! Great job!

  1. Ben said...:

    WOW. Great website. Very professional and beautiful.

    (I did notice a typo--in the FAQ answer about why you write fantasy, it says "word" instead of "world.")

  1. Gorgeous website although I don't particularly like the fat letters on the font you used for "Amber Argyle".

    Question, is the word amateur supposed to be spelled "Amaeture" as in "5 MistaKes Amaeture Writer's Make" on one of your tabs? I couldn't be sure because you are talking about mistakes and I thought maybe you were being "clever".

  1. Steven: Thanks!
    Connie: :)
    Andrew: Wahoo! I'll bring it up at our next meeting.
    Michelle: Thanks girlie.
    Ben: Good catch.
    Donna: Thanks.
    Michael: Yes. I was trying to be clever. A stretch, I know. ;)

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