I just had to share this review.

Monday, June 13, 2011
Those of you who follow my blog know how hard it has been for me to put my work out there for judgement. So when a review shows up in my inbox like this, I grin for a minimum of 24 hours.

Big thanks to Ashley Knight! Ya'll go check out her Fins series. And no, I don't know her.


  1. tawnya said...:

    Amber - that's fabulous! Congrats!

  1. I think you're gonna knock this thing outta the ballpark in my opinion Amber. Best thing is...I know you before you were famous hee hee :)

  1. Weaver said...:

    Wow. Have you touched the ground yet?

  1. That's awesome, no wonder you're still grinning!! :)

  1. Tawnya: Thanks!
    Michael: Here's hoping.
    Donna: Sometimes I touch down, then I'm right back up there.
    Sara: Thanks. :)

  1. Beautiful!

    I still haven't got my copy yet? Sent my addy a few weeks ago and been waiting on pins and needles ever since!

    This review just makes me more eager!!!

    Congrats, Amber but I must say I'm not surprised at all!

  1. Oh...wow. That's quite a review! Nice one Amber the book sounds awesome.

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