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Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Authors are among some of the most generous, kind people in any industry. There are so many that have helped me reach where I am today. People who deserve a shout out! So here goes:

Michelle Argyle--Michelle has helped me in more ways than I can mention. She's super nice and approachable. And she's a damn good writer.

Elana Johnson--Elana is ENORMOUSLY busy. But she always willing to help if at all humanly possible. I suggest you send her bacon.

Aprilynne Pike--Aprilynne is all sorts of famous. And she's still willing to help little old me out (in ways I can't announce yet (don't you just HATE cryptic posts???)).

Jessica Day George--Jessica is really, really straightforward. In a good way. She's taught me some industry dos and don'ts where another author might have just rolled their eyes and muttered, "Newbies," under their breath.

David Farland--If anyone has anything bad to say about David Farland, I will personally come to wherever you are and smack you upside the head. Besides his Daily Kicks (which ever author in the world should sign up for), he's always answered my questions. Even though it would have been much easier for him to pretend he never received the email. He even gave me a blurb. Me. A blurb. From New York Times bestselling author David Farland. *dies*

Shannon Hale--Honestly, she's never done anything for me personally (if you don't count her amazingly awesome books and blog, which I do). She's full to the brim of awesomesauce. Did you know she just had twins??? Just more proof that she's an overachiever (in a good way). ;)

Robin Weeks--Robin runs David Farland's conference calls (which again, if your a writer, you should be listening to). She's also super nice.

Mette Ivie Harrison--I met Mette at a conference. And knowing how hard it is for a newbie author to get going, she gave me a signed ARC of Tris and Isolde to giveaway on my blog in a few months.

J Scott Savage--Jeff is an awesome teacher. If you ever have a chance to take one of his classes--jump on it (*laments* Jeff, why oh why don't you teach a Saturday workshop?).

Cami Checketts--Cami is one of the warmest, toughest chickas I know. And she's my beta reader/critque partner.

JoLynne Lyon--JoLynne is my writing rock. You know that person you call when everything is falling apart and they always say the right thing. That's JoLynne. And no, you can't have her. She's mine.

Mathew Buckley--aka Marion Jensen. Funniest guy on the planet. And it shows in his writing.

Anyway, there's more. I couldn't possible list them all. But I seriously LOVE this side of being a writer. I love meeting other writers and realizing how kind they are.

Story time: Who are some authors that have reached out with their generosity to help you out?


  1. Unknown said...:

    Amber! You are so cool! I love being on this list--made my day. :)

    Also, I can't wait to read WITCH SONG!

  1. I love this author named Amber Argyle who is made of awesome sandwiched together with some terrific.

  1. Wow! Thanks, Amber! I agree that writing friends completely rock! There are some people I don't know on here. I must check them out. :)

  1. Michelle and Robin: Your posts inspired mine.

    Michael: Yay! Someone thinks I'm awesome and terrific.

  1. Juliana said...:

    Hey Amber! I couldn't agree more about how kind authors are. And I will totally join in defending David Farland. He's been so kind!

  1. Amber!

    For Shame! You didn't check my WOW this week!

    It's a pretty special one, a book whose summary has me AFLUTTER just thinking about how wonderful it's going to be! My WOW's garnered LOTS of attention! I think YOU should check it out!

    Be Warned, though, anyone named Amber Argyle is going to get hit with a big dose of Faery Dust meant to send an ARC to a special Faery whose been waiting patiently for an ARC...

    Hugs to you! LOL! Kristi

    Kristi's most EXCELLENT WOW!

  1. Hi Juliana! David has been so amazingly kind.

    Kristi: You make me laugh, girl. I've actually been super busy sorting out review requests . . . and yes, you're getting one. But I'm kinda surprised I didn't get a google alert for your post???

  1. I am so glad you were surrounded by people that supported and inspired you to produce such an amazing book; not only that but to help you grow in your craft and give you the push and courage to do what you love most in this world. It's amazing how friends can inspire us in so many ways. More than once over the past few years I almost gave up because the pain was just too much for me, I was so sick & in so much pain that I almost gave up; if not for the love & inspiration of my friends & family, I don't know where I'd be right now :o] I am still with an incurable disease(s) but being surrounded by so many that love and support me, it’s inspired me to keep going and realize that my quality of life could be improved. And…it has---immensely!
    It's important to let people [whether we've met them or not] know how they inspire us to keep going-no matter what the circumstance. I think it's part of the 'Pay it Forward' process. One person reaches out to another, and in turn that person does the same and so on. My hope is that those of us who have been inspired will ‘Pay it Forward’ and those that have been there for us through thick and thin will make it easier for you to reach out to someone else who is struggling. Hopefully they will do the same and those around them will be inspired to do the same and so on etc…
    I'm not an author, nor do I want to be :o] but I do love to read and share what I read in the form of reviews :o] It's something I do well and has given me a purpose again!

    Wonderful post, Amber, I think it's beautiful that you've taken the time to thank those that have supported and inspired you.

  1. One more quick post! LOL! My Response to your Response to my WOW post featuring one of the most anticipated books! Last post and I promise I won't bother you anymore...Today :o]

    (((Amber)))That's amazing!!! Should I send you some more 'Faery Dust' for your publicist? That works pretty good! I don't know why you didn't get a google alert? I made sure to mention your name a few times along with Witch Song. It should have picked it up?

    Seriously, you made my day! The storyline has intriqued me since I first read it and the cover really pulls me in. I love when there is symbology, it shows that the author isn't just going for the 'prettiest' cover for us 'Cover Lovers' but also putting thought into how the cover entwines with the story.

    Senna, hauntingly beautiful, looks vulnerable yet the amazing artist, Eve Ventrue, captures a strength in those golden eyes and set of her shoulders. Sometimes you have to really LOOK to appreciate what the artist and the author wants you to really SEE.

    I'm not sure if I'm right, it was just a guess but I'll find out soon, I hope! Amber, you rock! I can't Thank you enough. I've been so looking forward to WITCH SONG! You've really made me one happy BOOK FAERY (my alter ego) I can already feel my wings sprouting and I'm about to start flying about spreading the joy I'm feeling! :o]

    Thanks again! If I don't hear from you, I'll be emailing you my address even though I've filled out a few review copy forms :o] ---Can you say, beyond excited?

    Big Hugs again!

  1. Thanks Kristi! You inspire me too. My mom has MS, so I've seen first hand how crippling pain is. Hugs to you too.

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