I'm So Excited, I Think I Wet Myself

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why, you ask. Because my all time hero, the woman I want to be when I grow up, is coming to Logan, UT. Yes, people, SHANNON. HALE. IS. COMING.

And I'm going to stalk her. I will be waiting at the mouth of the canyon in my minivan for that little car full of authors (James Dashner, Jessica Day George, Brandon Mull, and Ally Condie). Then I will follow them. When they get out, I will make obeisance before them, kissing their stinky feet and offering to become a nanny for their children (which I'm sure they'll turn down, right after they call the police).

As they haul me off to jail, I will continue to profess my undying devotion.

If you too would like to join me in the Shannon Hale Worship Service, I have 5 seats left in the minivan. Between all of us, surely we can overwhelm the Logan Police Dept. Some of us are bound to get through.

Or we could just show up early with our bags full of books for them to sign.

Either way.

*Shannon Hale, James Dashner, Jessica Day George, Brandon Mull, and Ally Condie will be appearing at the Logan Library April.22 at 6 pm.


  1. Awesome! Since I live in Logan, it should be easy for me to get there! See you there!

  1. David said...:

    Ah man. My wife would be jealous. We have tons of her books begging to be signed. So close, but unfortunately, not close enough. Have fun and ask for a warning! :)

  1. Okay, this post made me laugh.

    And I would be there with you, only, I am over here.

  1. It's my hubby's graduation, but I think I talked him into letting me go that night! Squee!! Those are some of my favorite authors!!! :D Hopefully I'll be able to see you there!! :D

  1. Lexie: I know! It'll be EPIC.

    David: Or time off for good behavior. Whichever.

    Anthony: Yay! I made someone laugh. I'm really not crazy . . . really. No seriously. Well, maybe just a tinsy binsy bit.

    Chantele: I'd love to meet you. Email me. :)

  1. Hehehe. :) If I was closer! I love that picture of her.

  1. Ing said...:

    Hey, I didn't know you were in Logan! I went to school there at USU for a year. Great place.

    But dang it, I live *way* too far away now (like 12-hour-drive far away), so I guess you'll have to overwhelm the police dept without me. But Logan is a pretty small town, so you'll probably manage just fine.

    Even if they do lock you away, you can still write books in jail, right? :)

  1. Ha ha, I hope you have a great time! (Even the kissing their feet part, which is kinda reesty, but I'm not a big feet person.) ;)

  1. Michelle: I know. I want her scarf.

    Ing: Only if they let me have my laptop. I CANNOT write by hand.

    Sara: My heros couldn't possiblyhave reesty feet, could they??? ;)

  1. I'm so jealous of all the talent that's going to be there. Lucky, lucky you!

    I've met Shannon twice now, once at the National Book Festival in DC and once at a local signing. She's absolutely lovely! I haven't met any of the others, though.

    You'll haave to tell us all about it!

  1. This post is awesome beyond words. You made my day.

  1. Samita: I know!

    Bonnie: My camera's broken! I so wanna take pics.

    Michael: Yay! I hope someone got a good laugh about it, as that was kinda the point.

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