April Fools (Guess What It Is)

Friday, April 1, 2011
I'm the room mom for my son's 3rd grade class. Can you guess what the treats really are? Hint: they're supposed to be apple juice and little cakes.


  1. Ah, no. I'd say a cookie, maybe. LOL.

  1. 1 million sounds good! :)

    No clue on those treats...

  1. I'd love a millions dollars! ;) The treats sort of look like Easter Eggs maybe? Or it could be little eggs in a birds nest cookie? I give up. :)

  1. I'll give you guys a hint: It's SUPPOSED to be apple juice and sponge cake. :)

  1. Nobody guessed it???

    Okay, fine. It's supposed to be apple juice and little sponge cakes.

    What it really is is lemon jello and realy sponges coated in icing. :)

    All the kids sucked on their staws. Furrowed their brows and sucked harder. Then they started they realized something was wrong.

    But the cakes were the best. They bit into them. Then bit harder. Then pulled back. Then took a good look. One kid said, "Um, I think these are overcooked."

    It was hilarious.

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