Where Did I Put Those Notes!

Saturday, November 14, 2009
I've tried many different methods for taking notes on my MS. A notebook--the kind with sections. In each section, I'd try to keep my notes for a particular MS. Things like maps (I write fantasy), names, locations, descriptions, character sketches, common phrases, etc.

Problem with this method is my kids. More than once, I 'lost' a notebook, only to find it later with colorful sketches all over the pages. (Of course, I never lose a notebook).

I switched to the post it note method. It was a disaster. Not only was my work space cluttered, so where the notes. I'd look through dozens of them trying to find the right one. They ended up disappearing even more frequently than the notebooks.

After years of frustration, I finally figured it out. I now keep my notes in a word document. It's a lot harder for my kids to steal my tower, and I back it up on my thumb drive. I also copy and paste pictures--pictures of locations, people, even random things like tattoos.

Q4U: What methods have you used to keep notes? What's worked best for you?


  1. Yep, word files. That's how I've always done it. I have a hard time handwriting stuff for some reason. I really need to get one of those mini laptops.

  1. I use a journal a friend gave me. I take lots of notes on various sections of my manuscript, then I sit down and write. I feel I already spend way too much time at the computer, so taking notes by hand is a change of pace that helps me think things through.

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