What I've Learned from my Divorce

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
1. My agent and I have Priestess (my MS) together. That means he has rights to any deal that arises from contact he initiated. IE--he's my agent for this book whether I drop him or not. Which is fine. I'm sure he'll do a good job with it.

2. If I try to get another agent for Priestess, I'll have to pay commission twice, one for my first agent, once for my second. IE--Don't try to find a new agent for Priestess.

3. Mentioning my past agent in a query is both good and bad, and therefore cancels each other out. Rachelle Gardner advised me NOT to mention it until after the agent had expressed serious interest.


So I'm basically starting over. Very frustrating. I feel like I've wasted a year.

On a positive note, my baby is crawling. It's so stinkin' cute. Although, it's hard to baby proof when you have two older kids with small-parts toys.


  1. Yeah, that whole multiple children thing is complicated. So is multiple agents. You poor thing! I'm so sorry this happened. Maybe Priestess will sell, though! And it'll do great. You never know.

    I'd be careful when you start querying again, though. Is there a chance agents may google your name and find your blog? If that's so, you might want to be careful what you mention on here about the whole agent thing. I'm not sure, just putting my thoughts out there.

  1. Good luck with everything! I hope you find a new agent soon.

  1. Glamis: Have I said anything bad? I've tried really hard not to.

    Chantele: Thanks! Me too!

  1. Nope, not at all! That I've noticed. I just didn't know if you wanted it known that you'd had an agent before, that's all.

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