One Phrase you never Want to Hear From You Seven-year old

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In case you're wondering what I've been up to lately . . .

But seriously, I'm cutting back my posts to once a week.

If my baby isn't enough, perhaps the following story will convince you.

It was a phrase every mother dreads hearing. Unfortunately, it was delivered in an unusual way.

Dancing from one foot to the next, my seven-year old wrings his hands. "Um, Mom. I think maybe there's been a fire."

"What!" I roar. "Where!"

"In my room."

Silently cursing our multilevel house, I rush down three flights of stairs. In his room, I find black soot dripping from the walls--evidence of an obvious clean up. The outlet is smeared black.
I let out a silent sigh of relief and round on said seven-year old. "What did you do?"

The dancing and hand twisting began again. "Um, I was, like, playing with my dog-tag chain, and it, um, flew through the air and landed on the metal thingies that go in their." He points at the outlet, where a prongs stuck halfway out like a petulant child sticking out it's tongue.

"And the chain just happened to land on the prongs that just happened to be sticking out?"

We played this back and forth game a few more times before he finally told me the truth. With a big sigh, he began, "You know when R2D2 breaks the chain with his shock thingy, I wanted to see if I could break my chain with the electricity from the house."

George Lucas, sometimes I'd like to strangle you!
Suppressing an eye roll, I proceeded to ground my son from everything Star Wars for a week.

So you see, unless I want my house burned down, I better be more vigilant.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    lol kids are awesome! My eldest (4.5yrs) is very good at telling me stories and they are getting increasingly inventive as she gets older! I love how the more questions you ask (and the further from initial shock you get, to where they don't think they'll get yelled at anymore), the closer to the truth you get.

  1. Unknown said...:

    so happy to hear your house is still standing. i always wonder what my kids are picking up from television. boy it is tough being a mom! i love your writing ability - i hope you get published soon! - Mandi Green

  1. jchart--Isn't it the truth? Honestly, half the time they get in more trouble for lying than for the initial incident.

    Mandi: Thanks! I hope so too, since selling jewelry isn't working out for me.

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