What gets you in the mood?

Sunday, April 5, 2009
In the mood to write, that is.

For me, dramatic music and movies will put me in what I call my writing "flow" (where I feel like the words flow from my fingertips like water). My absolute go to movie and music is Phantom of the Opera, but anything dramatic gets my brain tingling with ideas. Last of the Mohicans, Cinderella (with Drew Barrymore), Stardust, The Patriot, Braveheart--do you see the trend? Dramatic, powerful, romantic movies. The power and emotion puts my mind in the right place.

Another sure fire way is to read books in my genre, or something close that's really good.

I find that when I really get into a new story, it's better to keep at it until I'm done. If I take a break, I lose my thoughts and the ideas stop flowing.

All this is absolutely pointless when I'm as exhausted as I am now. But I thought the info might help you if you're stuck.

What helps you get out of your writing funk?


  1. For me it's reading something inspiring. Or even watching a dramatic movie as you said. Something that moves me to want to create. Then some great music and about ten to twenty minutes of think time to get me prepared to write.

  1. I agree. Dramatic things help me get out of my writing funk. But I think the best is just some quiet time that I can think and reflect about things with some good music in the background. A long drive in the car usually does the trick. :)

  1. Hi Amber!

    If you'd like to take a moment to email me what it feels like to you to be in the flow, I'll post it over on the White Flow blog. I'm always on the lookout for good descriptions of it.

    send to whiteflow at fontaigne dot com.


    Oh, and in answer to your question: I use NLP to induce the state that I want. The trouble for me is in deciding which project to work on. And keeping real life from interfering with my writing time.

  1. Reading something really well written and a very quiet atmosphere are the best mood-makers for me.

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