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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Instead of working on my blog, I'll work on my daugher and my blog at the same time! It's a Mom/multitasking thing.

It pays to have a neighbor that's also a photographer. Shauna always does such a fantastic job. It doesn't hurt to have a subject as beautiful as my daughter.


  1. How beautiful, how precious.

    Oh man, babies. You are making my virtual ovaries squish.

  1. well those are just adorable! Great job!

  1. Weronika: Thanks. She's even more stunning in person. And she's such a sweet baby.

  1. what darling pics -- she'll thank you for taking such pretty baby pictures, she really will :) (I'm thinking of all the times in her school years when she'll have to show up with a baby picture). Of course, it helps having such a beautiful subject to photograph

  1. Alex: I didn't even think of that. Good point.
    Thanks, I really like to show her off.

  1. MOMSWEB said...:

    Beautiful...simply beautiful! Enjoyed my visit to your blog!

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