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Monday, October 20, 2008
At the conference I went to last month, one of the presenters (James Dashner) recommended a site called I checked it out, and it looks like you have to pay a membership fee to access their articles. Does anyone have any experience with this site? I looked it over and it had some interesting articles, but I couldn't read more than the first paragraph.
Another website or service he spoke of was Twitter (kinda like Facebook or MySpace--I think I'll stick with Facebook).
I thought it might be fun to see if anyone else has any experiences to share about these sites or any others they like to visit.
If you want any of his other marketing tips, I'll include them below.
--smooze bookstore employees (they'll recommend you book that way).
--school visits (contact school reading specialist)
--check out websites that post high income schools and go there (His viewpoint. No mine.)

I also found another fun blog. Check it out:

My agent sent the signed agreement today! I take the happy when it comes my way!



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