8 Master Archetypes

Thursday, October 16, 2008
8 Master Archetypes for females

1. The Boss (male version is The Chief)—motivation is control, success, career

· Virtues
o Confident
o Dynamic
o Competative

· Flaws
o Blunt
o Workaholic
o Arrogant
o Aggressive

Examples: Martha Stewart, Oprah, Murphy Brown

2. The Seductress—motivated by finding security for herself

· Virtues
· Clever
· Strong
· Assertive
· Flaws
o Cynical
o Insecure
o Manipulative

Examples: Evita, Jessica Rabbit, Scarlet O’Hara
Villain=Black Widow

3. Spunky kid—motivated by finding their own niche

· Virtues
· reliable
· loyal
· tolerant

· Flaws
o sarcastic
o self depreciating
o skeptical

Examples: Bridget Jones, Lois Lane, Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

4. Free Spirit—motivated by following her heart

· Virtues
· sincere
· upbeat
· imaginative

· Flaws
o impulsive
o meddling
o undisciplined

Examples: Lucy from I Love Lucy, Emma, Phoebe from Friends (hippies or ditz)
Villain=Lunatic (they live in a different world and you threaten it—extreme environmentalists)

5. The Waif—motivated to be loved. Mistreated, damsel in distress.

· Virtues
· pure
· trusting
· kind
· enduring—bending willow

· Flaws
o Impressionable—too trusting
o passive
o insecure—low self esteem

Examples: Rose from Titanic starts as a waif and changes to a spunky kid
Villain=Parasite (latches onto someone)

6. The Librarian—motivated by intellect and knowledge

· Virtues
· efficient
· curious
· dependable

· Flaws
o rigid
o repressed
o perfectionist
o sulky

Examples: Scully from the X-files
Villain=Evil Genius/Schemer

7. The Crusader—motivated by a cause.

· Virtues
· tenacious
· principled
· persuasive—especially in recruiting others to cause

· Flaws
o Self righteous
o judgmental
o rash

Examples: Mulan, Buffy, Xena

8. The Nurturer—motivated by love

· Virtues
· selfless
· optimistic
· capable

· Flaws
o idealistic
o uncompromising—strong moral code
o martyer—no life because she lives for others

Examples: June Cleaver, Marry Poppins
Villain=Smotherer, Matriarch


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