{New Release} Fairy Queens Books 5-7

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

{Release Day} Fairy Queens Books 5-7

Save $5 off buying by purchasing the Fairy Queens Box Set 5-7. Available everywhere for a limited time.

A war is brewing between the queens of Winter and Summer. A war that threatens to shatter the lives of two women who are so blinded by bitterness all they can see is hatred. A war that will tear asunder the very fabric of the balance, destroying the entire world in the process.

But there is still hope. For the daughter of one of the queens does not share her mothers' hatred. She has found love and hope, and she is determined to take it. If she can survive, she stands a chance of healing the rift that threatens to break apart the very fabric of the world. 

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    First Page: 
    In the predawn haze, Cinder held her cloak tight to ward off the chill as she hurried down the nearly empty street. Before her, a ragged man whistling an eerie tune pushed a cart filled with piss pots he had collected during the night. Cinder found herself counting the beats of the song, a child’s rhyme she couldn’t place. She held her veil tight over her mouth and breathed shallowly, trying not to notice the liquid sloshing in the pots.
    Glad she hadn’t eaten breakfast, she arrived at the tannery twelve steps ahead of the man. But when she opened the door and stepped into the crumbling building, the fetid stench sent her straight back outside. The man with the piss pots chuckled under his breath just before Cinder lifted her veil and vomited bile onto the ground in the alley. A pile of dirty blankets shifted and a drunk squinted at her. He cursed her roundly before turning over, his fleas jumping grumpily at the interruption.
    She wiped her mouth with the back of her arm, then blotted her face to make sure she hadn’t sweated off her dark makeup. So far so good. Counting to ten to calm down, Cinder forced herself to march back to the tannery—past the piss-pot man, who watched her with close-set black eyes above an equally black veil. She entered the dimly lit building with its long row of hides stretched tightly across frames. Men stood scraping off the fur with flint or steel or stone. The early morning breeze flowed through an open door to the back yard, where men and women stirred the huge pots of leather soaking in urine or dye.
    Cinder made sure her veil was in place and looked around nervously. The man who’d been pushing the cart leaned against a wall, one skinny leg cocked as he looked at her. Something about him seemed off, like he didn’t belong here. Her gaze lingered on his clothes, and she realized it was because he was so clean.
    Before she could dwell on it, a man in black robes approached her. His hands were stained unnaturally dark. “What you want?” he growled.
    Three little words, but the answer to his question would take dozens. “A job,” Cinder said simply, keeping her eyes downcast so he couldn’t see the silver of them.
    She felt him studying her, no doubt noticing her worn but clean and serviceable robes. “Are you pregnant?” he asked.
    She nearly forgot to keep her eyes down. “No, sir.”
    Pursing her lips in anger, Cinder shook her head.
    “Listen, girl, this is no place for someone with other options. Go back to your parents. Or your lover. Or wherever else you came from. Only the truly desperate come here. And you aren’t there yet.”

    I'm super excited to have everything completely wrapped up with the Fairy Queen Series. If you've been holding off purchasing it, now would be the time, as it's only going to be available from all the retailers for a couple weeks. Please take a moment to share this posttweet, or pin. Word of mouth is still the best advertising money can't buy. :D 


    1. The cover to this is just so pretty Amber!!! I can't wait to get a hold of it.

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