Book Promotion Sites: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Monday, March 30, 2015
If you learn nothing else, learn this: Bookbub rocks!
As in, life changing, book changing rocks. They're hard to get into: Read their requirements page and their tip page. Be flexible. In their comments box, mention other genre lists you'd be willing to be on. 
And don't give up! If they reject your promotion, try a different book/boxset or a different price point.

Ereader news today
·         Alexa=27,773
·         $15
      ·         Love them—subbed Winter Queen

Read Cheaply
  • Free!
  •  Subbed WQ
·         Alexa=61,934
·         Free listing for permafree books (subbed Winter Queen)
      ·         To be sponsored is $100--not sure about this feature.

Free kindle books and tips
·         Alexa=108,200
·         $25
  • 150,000+ people via an e-Ink Kindle subscriptionemail or social media subscription, or directly on the blog’s website, or via an RSS reader.
  • Susan Quinn says they are great, but work best with free books.
  • Subbed WQ
Digital Book Today
·         Alexa=62,471
      ·            Free listing for permafree books. (subbed Witch Song, saw no sales spike whatsoever)

Booksends: tried it for Witch Born
  •   Priced it out at 2.99 (down from 6.99)
  • Total waste of money. $40 and I sold 3 ebooks on Amazon the day of the ad.
  • Though it might work better with a lower price point. 

The Fussy Librarian
  •      Waste of money
Free/Bargain Booksy

  • Alexa=124,291
  • 50,000 subscribers
  • Listed on website
  • Rachel Morgan said it didn’t help her much
  • Susan Quinn says Freebooksy is better
  • *update 1-2-15* I tried their Series Promotion (Witch Song) for $200. I saw a nice bump the day of the ad (1054 units which tapered to 242, 118, 60, 92 per day after). So far my sales of the rest of the series haven't bumped up. So the downloads are there, but the ROI isn't (they claim this is a long term idea, so I'm still hoping).

One hundred free books

·         Alexa=12,889
·         28,000 email subscribers
·           Free listing for permafree books. (subbed WS)
·         $75
book bassett
·         Alexa=235,138
·         They feature up to 5 of an author’s books, which I think is cool. Subbed my novels.
·         21.99

Kindle Nation daily
  •     Alexa=20,889
  • 169,00 Kindle owners every day via web posts, email blasts, Facebook, and Twitter
  • 37,000 opt-in email or Kindle edition subscribers.
  •  Options ranging from $100-150
  •  Free pop over to bookgorilla (alexa=63,610)
  • IMO, they’re overpriced for the small bump they give you, but Heather Moore loves them. 
Books Butterfly

  • *Full disclosure* They contacted me and asked to be listed here. I agreed if they would run my book so I could test their results.
  • 0.99 book and free book promotions
  • prorated refund in case a promotion does not hit the specified targets
  • I ran the "Pure Silver" slot, which guaranteed 300+ downloads over 3 days. I had 262 downloads. If I had paid for the ad, I could have had a prorated rate.
  • My ranking went straight back to normal on the 5th day.
Many Books
  • *disclosure* They offered me a free $25 slot if I posted my results here. 
  • Increased downloads by ~200. Downloads went back to normal after the 2nd day. The sales of my paid books actually dropped. 
  • 110,000 subscribers 
*10-3-16 Note
I ran another ad with them for Witch Song and saw a spike of 80 additional downloads from the day before. 

These guys have become one of my go to's for all my books. If you write fantasy, they're great! 

Cheap, super effective, fast delivery. Love them. 


This data is from my own personal experience along with a few others. You're results may differ. And if you have tried one of these, I'd love to know your results in the comments! 

#BookMarketing #tips via @amberargyle. Marketing sites: which ones work and which ones are a waste of time. #promotip


  1. Unknown said...:

    Hi Amber,

    Thanks for the resource, so cool! I agree, Book Bub is definitely the best out there, as long as you can get accepted! Not that I have day...

    I found another great resource about book promotion sites here - - have you seen this list at all?

    Hopefully your readers find something they will find useful and get a good ROI on from that list.

    Thanks for the great content as usual, always so helpful!

  1. Kindlerella is 100% free and it offers a free book promotion for all genres.

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