How do you say "Witch Song & Witch Born" in French?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Because foreign rights for both books have sold to Lumen Publishing in Paris! I'm so excited! They've already been great to work with, very accommodating and helpful. And just look at the font they chose for the cover!!! I actually like it better than the font we're currently using. Might have to rethink that a little.

They will publish both Witch Song and Witch Born, and they have plans to acquire Witch Rising and Witch Fall in the future.

That means Witch Song will be published in 3 languages (Indonesian, English, and French!). It brings me so much joy to know that something I created can be shared with so many people, whom I could never touch any other way.

Also, does anyone know what the phrase below says?


  1. "The last of the witches [something something]." My french is rusty. :)

  1. miki said...:

    "Will the Last of witches succeed to prevent their song to die out" is the most correct translation i think^^

    i'm really REALLY happy to hear that you will be published in French, i don('t know that publisher by the way but i do like the cover.
    if you need French native reviewer for that edition ( and if the publisher send in belgium) you can count on me^^

    i also wated to know if the address for sending things to Connor is still teh same ( now that you are moving) because i finally found what i wanted to give him

  1. miki said...:

    oh i forgot:
    Witch Song= "Le chant de La sorcière"
    Witch Born = "Née Sorcière" ( ou Sorcière de naissance" )

  1. Miki: I love the font they chose! Have you tried tweeting them to ask for a review copy?

    It is. We're not moving for another month, so it should be fine. If not, our mail will be forwarded for a while. I'm sure he'll be thrilled! He's had a rough week with breaking his ankle.

  1. miki said...:

    sadly i'm not on twitter nor facebook and i've found a website for them but i will keep searching.
    i will post the letter monday i hope ity will arrive soon enough to chear him up^^

  1. Unknown said...:
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  1. Unknown said...:

    Hi there !

    i'm actually the graphic designer working for Lumen editions :)
    I was on your blog, hoping i could find the name of the illustrator who designed the third book cover, and then i find your post about the french edition ^^

    It's really kind of you to speak about the release, and i'm very happy (and proud ^^) you loved the font (it's the "trajan pro" by the way, but i redraw some of the letters).

    Miki made a good translation here !
    For the website, it's a work in progress. We hope to release it between september and november, but there is so much to do...

    For the mail contact, i unfortunately can't put it here on a blog, but you can find us on facebook if you prefer !

    Thanks again ^^ - See more at:

  1. Mathieu: You did an excellent job! It's absolutely beautiful.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I ask to the person in charge of the communication at lumen edition, and she's ok for posting her adress email here ^^

    So here we are :
    Emily Vaquié

  1. Unknown said...:

    Thank you Amber ^^
    It's really rare for me to have feedback from other than the staff here, and it's especially great when it's from the author herself ! that's what i love the most in my job : designing something and see it printed and exposed in shops, and watch the reaction of people, hoping they will like it and want to buy the book !

    so i'm very glad you love what we did with your book, and the fact you trust us with it :)

  1. miki said...:

    Un grand merci mathieu.
    really i'm not on facebook so the email contact is really useful
    you can be proud of the cover yes and we are all happy when an author do exchange with us, nopw i'm curious of what you will do for the rest of the series

  1. Unknown said...:

    haha... i'm already working on the witch born (almost done for the most of the design, text cover will be done only a few weeks before the printing, and i think it will be released in about a year from now) and on the witch fall ! logo have been made altogether, to be sure they would work together...

  1. miki said...:

    So far i really appreciate the Lumen editiosn team^^ now we will see the final result soon.

    also letter Sent Amber i hope it arrive safely and will make Connor Happy

  1. Unknown said...:

    This is TREMENDOUSLY exciting! Congratulations!
    Mathieu, I LOVE what you did with Trajan Pro for the title :-)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Hi !
    We just received the printed book here in the office, and we're quite happy with it ! You'll get your samples soon, so i hope you'll like it :)

  1. I can't wait to see it!

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