Update on Connor

Monday, May 19, 2014
Connor had surgery a little over a week ago. They found more tumor. The doctor cleaned it out, but the damage is much more extensive than before, going from silver dollar sized to softball sized. They couldn't reach all the tumor without drilling out more bone, which would weaken the bone further.

Connor has a three inch hole on the outside of his bone. On the inside, it's even bigger. In one place, he only has a sliver of bone holding his leg together.

We go in tomorrow for a cast. I'm not sure how big that cast will be (the doctor said we'd have to see).

Connor is struggling a lot right now. I realized on Saturday that I couldn't remember the last time he'd laughed--really, truly laughed. So we broke some rules and went to the park for some swing time (which is about all he can do at a park (don't tell the doctor on me! ;) )).

He's not eating much, and he complains that his stomach hurts, especially at night. He's lost 6 pounds (which is a lot when you're only 56 pounds). He's lost almost all his muscle tone too. He won't sleep by himself right now, luckily his sister is a cuddler and has a big bed.

CJ Redwine headed up this box of lovelies. 
We've listed our house for sale with an agent. I'm frantically cleaning/boxing up the clutter/painting. Not much time for writing or blogging.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. For those of you who've sent something: THANK YOU! You have lightened my heart and made me realize that even in the midst of terrible things, there is still good all around me.

And you made my boy smile when he needed smiles the most. I'll always love you for that.

Big thanks go out to J. Scott Savage and his wife Jennifer for the books! 


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    More hugs and prayers coming your way...

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