Update on my son

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Right now, we're trying to get in to a specialist-our orthopedic surgeon recommended an orthopedic/pediatric oncologist even though his tumor isn't cancerous.

Our insurance is giving us the runaround. Humana (not a fan) claims doctor #1 takes them. Doctor #1 claims that he doesn't. Humana can't call and talk to said doctor because they don't have outsides lines (my left eye is starting to twitch). It might take them a full week just to clear up whether or not they cover doctor #1 (the left side of my face is starting to twitch). They might even have to pull up the contract, which would be super duper hard (the left side of my body is starting to twitch).

I keep telling myself yelling won't do any good. It might make me feel better, but people find ways to make you pay for it.

If I keep telling myself this long enough I might have a full blown seizure.

We took an xray on Friday. It's too soon for the bone to show any measurable growth, so everything looks pretty much the same as it did the day of his surgery.

He's still on extremely limited restrictions. He can't do much of anything really. The doctor said even a basketball hitting his leg could break his femur. It's very hard for him-he cries for feeling left out and lonely and trapped and bored every day. I usually cry with him. Together, we cry a lot.

I've put him in swimming lessons as soon as the doctor clears him this Friday. That's the one thing he can do. I'm hoping that will help. If nothing else, he can at least get some exercise.

If you believe in prayer/positive thinking, please send some our way. We really need his leg to heal and for him to find ways to be happy.


  1. So many prayers. My heart is breaking for you both. I wish your boy the absolute best care. It's disheartening tohear you struggle with insurance at such a time. xxx

  1. KatieM said...:

    the leg healing has already been there, but some happiness prayers are coming right up--for you both! ;)

  1. I know what it's like to have issues with your leg as a young child. Nearly lost mine. I wish you all a smooth recovery. :)

  1. I will pray and wish you all the best. Sorry to you both.

  1. Unknown said...:

    We are sending all the love and light your way. Your sons leg will heal I have no doubt in my heart. My husband recently had a bad accident on his motorbike and saw a similar thing happen. He was also going through tough times but he came out ok, thank you for sharing keep it up, thank you again.

    Madalyn Oconnell @ Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver

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