YOU are beautiful

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I've been meaning to write this post for a long time. So when my fellow writer, CJ Redwine, posted the above video along with her own person journey to beauty, it finally propelled me into action. 

I'm going to start with an observation: Women like beautiful things. It's built into our makeup. It allows us to be artists and lovers and nurturers.

But the ability to see beauty can easily be twisted into a search for flaws, which turns our natural gift into a curse. But only if we let it.

Real, true beauty is something to be searched for. Something to be found.

So when you look into the mirror, do you search for beauty or flaws? I promise, you have both. Everyone does. But finding the flaws can only lead to unhappiness, while discovering the beauty will only add to your beauty.

So your homework, look in the mirror, and tell me how you are beautiful. 

I'll start with what I see: Surrounded by thick, long eyelashes, my beautiful brown eyes pop with hints of green when I wear the right colors. My hair is long and soft. My features are dramatic and bold, much as my personality is. My ears are cute. My lips full and smiling. My figure is long and lean, with just a hint of curves. 


  1. Pili said...:

    Wonderful post, as good as CJ's!

    How am I beautiful? I have gorgeous curly hair, warm vibrant eyes and an amazing smile.

  1. Pili: You are beautiful!

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