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Thursday, February 14, 2013
I don't want to write. 

I can't explain how epic that sentence is for me. How devastating. Writing has always been hard. Like weaving something from nothing hard--but it was also an addiction--a high I craved every day. But for the past year, it has been work--comparable to cleaning the toilet (which I hate). 

Part of this is because of the stage of life that I'm in. My daughter is my little shadow. She's constantly climbing on my lap and asking me questions. I've found that I tend to be the most productive when I can have four hours of uninterrupted time. Getting her to watch a movie for even a couple hours so I can get a few words in is nigh impossible. 

I used to write at night, but honestly, I'm so tired I can't focus on much except what's on TV (which is in the same room). Long story short: I need an office. 

I also need some motivation. I want my desire back, but I don't know where it went. 

I need to get it back if I'm going to get Witch Fall out in October. 


  1. Honestly Amber, I don't know how anyone gets anything accomplished with a little bundle of energy always bouncing about. ;)
    I think a lot of people are feeling the same way. It will happen when all things are lined up as they should be. Keep the faith. You are an amazing writer and one never really loses their gift. ;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It sounds like classic burn-out to me. My suggestion would be to take a month off? No guilt-strings attached. No internal expectations of "I should" or "I ought to be writing" attached. Give yourself complete carte-blanche to take the time you need to rest and recharge in those moments when you would otherwise be writing and wringing yourself out and drying up your well further.

    Then when your month is over, reevaluate. A babysitter once a week for a 4 hour block might be something you want to look into? Or something along those lines.

    Your fans won't mind if Witch Fall is delayed till November or December instead. :)

    What do you think?

  1. Bella: Thanks for your support!

    lachristensen: Witch Fall may very well be delayed. Still too early to know for sure. Se might be moving to a new house as well. We'll see how that affects things.

  1. The sun'll come out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun.

    It will come back.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I know people with young children who only get sleep when the child sleeps.

    Life changes as it goes. Maybe spend any sit down time reading...your books or someone else's. Reading your books moves your mind to focus on the sequels. Reading other people's books gives you ideas and helps you keep up your skills during this hiatus.

  1. Chris v said...:

    It was lovely meeting you at LTUE, I absolutely love your books. I completely understand how it feels to try to write with a little one underfoot.

    I have taken to writing after mine go to sleep at night. (now that they actually do that. For a few years I wondered if my kids would EVER sleep.) This stage of childhood doesn't last forever, and I'm sure you're doing your very best. Sometimes it's just hard.

    I am sorry that writing feels like a chore right now. If you're not loving it, maybe take some time to do something you DO love. Then when the story and the words come, they will fill pages.

    You are amazing. Whether you are writing or being a mommy or running your end of the business, you are amazing. Don't give up :)

  1. LC Piper said...:

    What a month February has been for you. Thank goodness it's the shortest.
    There's nothing like a challenge to bring the best out of mankind.
    That there's a Sean Connery quote, which means it must be true. Lol.
    I think everyone has the same comment. Just take it easy for a limited time. You'll get your center back. Never quit.

  1. bhousley: I'd love to sit and read. In fact, I might go do it right now.

    Chris: Oh, I so needed that encouragement right now. Thank you!

    Luke: My life is so crazy right now. I keep hoping it will slow down. It just never seems to. *sigh*

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