"Rash guards" are not an ointment. Did you know?

Monday, October 29, 2012
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I'm a white girl. I burn easily. I'm going to Hawaii in November, when my tan has faded to pastiness. You see the problem here? 
I tried to go tanning this weekend. I was there for an hour. Never got to tan. The girl working the front desk was special needs. Poor girl couldn't figure out how to work the computer that runs the beds. Not her fault, but I'm not going back there. 
The next closest tanning place is twenty minutes away. Maybe you have 40 minutes in your day. I don't. 
My solution: rash guards. But seriously. Who thought up such an awful name for a piece of clothing. I fe
el like it's something you should get at the backdoor of your pharmacist. 
Also. Do they have to be ugly?!? Most are black. Some have colors but that's usually accompanied by HUGE advertising (cause that's what I want across my chest)
. The top one says For Ever Wild. Because forever is obviously two words in the "rash guard" world. 
I came out wearing that, my husband would laugh his face off.  
I dont' mind the purple one. But still. Who designs these things? 


  1. Ha ha...so true. If you want, I have one from Roxy that is just white with pink letters {Roxy} if you want to borrow it.

  1. Maybe that gap has something to do with accommodating cleavage?

  1. Jennie: At least it has pink. :)
    Andrew: I figured maybe they were naming each boob. One for. The other ever.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I have the same problem of being super pale. I usually don't tan at all, I'm always ghostly white. However when I went to Hawaii I actually tanned, not burned but actually changed color. It's the only time it's really ever happened. So maybe you won't burn I think they have magic sun there.

  1. Jen: I'm not counting on it. I shouldn't complain too much. I actually tan quite dark, but that's pretty much gone now that the weather's turned cold. I'll probably fry.

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