West Jordan, UT B&N Signing

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

 If you're in the Salt Lake City area next Friday, July 20th, don't forget to stop by the West Jordan Barnes and Noble between 7:00-9:00! I'll be there signing books with my friends, Lani Woodland (author of Intrinsical and Indelible) and Angela Corbett (author of Eternal Starling).

Here's the event info from the Barnes and Noble website.
I'll be giving out bookmarks, signing books, and bringing my ARCs for Witch Born!

Come see us!

(I may or may not have blatantly plagiarized 90% of this information from Angela's website).

ALSO, I'm extending the contest to win a signed copy of Elana Johnson's Possession. Mostly because people just started entering it two days ago. ;)


  1. Oh Congratulations! But...but...the 20th is showtime at the Jordan IMAX for the Dark Knight Rises!!!

    How could you schedule a book signing on the night the biggest movie of the summer opens?

  1. I think that's one of the reasons they did it, because the theater is supposed to be by the B&N.

  1. Sorry I missed it, but you know. three signed copies might be pushing it. Hope the event attracted the movie-going crowd! :)

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