Witch Born Update

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Witch Born is finally, FINALLY off to copyedits. I'm supposed to have them back early next week. The cover is scheduled to be finished on Friday. The book has already been formatted in InDesign. Everything is coming together all at once. So exciting! It's also a huge relief. I've been working a minimum of ~8 hours everyday on this for over a month (a lot to ask of a mom of three little ones, but that's another post).

Here's my favorite moth from the cover, just to give you a taste of the awesomeness.

On a personal note, I'm pretty sure my daughter has taken off with my coupon card and credit card (they were in my wallet on my desk yesterday), and I can't find them anywhere. At least she's a thrifty thief.


  1. Leslie said...:

    That's got to be exciting to reach that point. Can't wait to see it!

  1. I like the peek at the cover. As for the credit card, I'd look wherever she hides the lipstick after she uses it.

  1. T-Rex said...:

    Hey, I just wanted to know if the book happens in old years or today. Thanks

  1. Leslie: Thanks. Great to see you this weekend.
    JoLynne: I found them in a drawer. *sigh*
    T-Rex: It occurs a few months after Witch Song ends.

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