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Tuesday, March 6, 2012
This post might be more for my sanity than for all my dear readers. I'm having a seriously hard time remember what book I wrote when. So without further ado:

The Priestess Prophecy
Began January 2006
Status: Permanently shelved. I may recycle my magical system though. It was super cool.

Priestess 2
Began late '06
Status: Permanently shelved

Priestess 3
Began '07
Status: Permanently shelved

Witch Song
Began late Summer of '07
Status: Published by Rhemalda Publishing 2011

The Brotherhood
Began '08
Status: Coming Fall of 2012

Winter Queen
Began '08
Status: Coming sometime 2013. First in a trilogy.

*Insert new baby here*
The Forbidden Forest
Began March 2010
Status: First draft is up to 60K. First in an expected trilogy

Witch Born
Began spring 2011, shelved numerous times because I wasn't sure I would write it.
Status: Coming soon.


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