Did you know I'm working on a sequel to Witch Song?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
I haven't said a lot because I wasn't sure I would write it, but I'm almost at 70k words! Meaning I'm on the home stretch to finishing the first draft. I already have the ending written, I just have to go back and add a couple chapters that lead up the the climax. And it's fantastic! I'm so excited for how faced paced and intricate this book is. Brusenna has grown and changed so much from the time we first met her. She's finally become the woman I wanted her to be. I still have a lot of editing in front of me, but I have something to work with, and drafting is the hardest part anyway.

But, I have to stop calling this Witch Song 2. It needs it's own title.So who wants to help me pick one? Fill out the form below to let me know what you think. I definitely have a favorite. I'm curious to see if my idea lines up with yours.

Or you can come up with your own and let me know in the comments! I'll report the results next week (cause I can't figure out how to post a survey that lists them for you--computer illiteracy in action).


  1. Though I have no idea where book 2 is going to take us, Witch Born makes the most sense. Witch Born!

  1. So excited for a sequel to Witch Song. I would love to read more about Brusenna! I am kind of leaning more towards With Born but I really like all of the titles.

  1. I'm leaning toward WITCH BORN too. I'm so glad you're writing the sequel. :D

  1. Katy S said...:

    Can't WAIT for the sequel!! "Witch Born" for me, too - it would help to know a teensy bit about the plot, but just looking at the names, that's the one I liked.

  1. David: Senna is busy saving the world and the witches again. But this time she isn't sure she can save one without destroying the other.

    Traci: Most everyone likes that one too.

    Cherie: If I can just break the 70k mark. It feels like it's never going to happen. *sigh*

    Katy: I'm so glad your excited. Gives me some motivation (which I sorely need right now).

  1. Shanella said...:

    Very excited to read this :)
    Love "The Last Witch"

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