Gearing Up

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Start getting excited. I have a big event planned starting this Thursday on the blog. I'll be giving away a copy of Witch Song, showing you where you can get a look at the never before seen first chapter of Witch Song 2 AND get a never before seen look at Myra McEntire's new book trailer for Timepiece! I'm so freaking excited!

AND I'll be signing at the Logan Book Table this Friday (Dec 2nd) from 8 until midnight with fellow authors Elana Johnson, Tyler Whitesides, Heather Theurer, Carole Thayne Whalburton, Lori Lewis, Tristi Pinkston, Mary Higgins, Ronda Gib Hendrickson, Wanda Luce, Darren Smith, and Jenni James.

It's going to be a Par-tay!


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  1. Nice. All that awesomeness you'll be hanging out with. Bummer that I have to work. And that I'm not that close to Logan. Witch Song 2? Yes, please! :)

  1. Holy WOW! So much awesomeness going on! Have fun!

  1. Shanella said...:

    I really hope you get the chance to come to NYC sometime soon!

  1. Yowsa. That's a huge ticket. Go go Amber!

  1. Tomorrow IS going to be amazing. I'm excited, too.

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