Pics with Tyler Whitesides and Elana Johnson

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
This is the panel with Tyler Whitesides (Janitors), Elana Johnson (Possession), and me at the Logan Library.

 Director Robert Shupe introducing us. The room was packed. Standing room only.
The local paper was there taking pictures.
Of course, I had to buy Elana and Tyler's books. One for my son, the other for me. Perhaps there's a giveaway in my future???

As you can see, I like to laugh. A lot. ;) Plus Elana is hilarious!

Okay, I'll admit I was super nervous. More nervous than when I spoke to an entire assembly of middle schoolers. More nervous than when I presented at a writer's conference. I just felt so . . . inadequate. Elana has a huge publisher. Her blog has like 2k followers. Tyler's publisher has sent him all over the country for weeks on his book tour. I'm sure he'll break into the NYT Bestseller list. And then there's little old me.

Have you ever felt inadequate?


  1. YOU are NOT inadequate! Not at all. I wish I would have been there for the panel. Looks like so much fun. And your book is amazing! What a great time that was.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yes, meeting you...

    It was so fun meeting you, and I will just say, you are not inadequate to anyone you know. You are worth sooo much and mean a lot to many people! :D

  1. Typical hogging of the spotlight front and center. You are such a diva.

  1. And btw...I was just joking.

    On Elana having a huge publisher...who cares? She's a nice person and I read her blog but the "size" of her publisher doesn't mean anything to me. Maybe it does to most people? I have no idea. They can go worship at the altar of size queens. In the end, writing a good book is all that matters.

  1. Ah, who wouldn't have been starstruck :)

  1. Abby and Mel: It was fun to see you guys there!

    Mike: Actually, I am kinda a diva. ;) I know what you mean, and I believe it, but there's this little worm of doubt that wriggles it's way in every once in a while.

    AJ: There actually both really nice, and I think they both feel the same way sometimes. I think we all do.

  1. You aren't inadequate, Amber. Nor is your publisher. :) You should have little more faith and confidence!

  1. I know you're a diva. It took you months to follow me on twitter. I was like, "O Come on! I read your book, I say snarky entertaining stuff to you all the time..." Then finally one day you followed me. I was like... :)

    And I just had one more thing to add on the thousands of followers that Elana has on her blog...just like on your blog and on my blog...that number is a lie. She joins blogfests. Elana follows me for Pete's sake (because of a blogfest). What does that mean? She came to my blog one time, clicked follow, read one post and never came back.

    So yeah...she has over 2K followers... more than half of those never visit.

  1. Michelle: I didn't mean to imply they were. I was the one feeling inadequate. ;)

    Mike: haha. I was actually surprised when I realized I didn't actually follow you. Also, I'm kinda a Twitter snob. I only follow 200 or so people.

    As for the followers thing, I read maybe 3 blogs a week. 3. Because I'm not much of a blogger. I don't have the time or the desire. But I follow TONS of blogs--most that I never read. So yes, I understand what you're saying.

    I just have to remember not to compare myself to anyone else. Just worry me. But sometimes it's hard.

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