Win Signed Hardcover of The Lost Saint by Bree Despain

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

*This contest is now closed.

It seriously pains me to give this away. A signed hardcover of The Lost Saint by Bree Despain. Two signed bookmarks. Two bottles of nail polish.
Winner receives the blue book, bookmark, and nail polish AND the purple bookmark and nail polish.

  • To enter, simply Click on one of the Goodreads lists and vote for WITCH SONG. Each time you vote, you get 1 point (Sometimes the link takes you directly to WITCH SONG. Sometimes you have to scroll up or click previous. The easiest way to find it is to pay attention to the number (ie if it's 200 out of 275, look for 200) If WITCH SONG is added to your "To Read" list, you can click on the "Add Books to This List" tab as well).
  •  Obviously, I'm not asking you to vote for the book on lists that imply you've read it (unless you have). That wouldn't be very honest. So just stick to the ones that feature debut authors, beautiful covers, books of 2011, New Authors, etc.
  • There isn't a limit on how many lists you can vote on, epecially the lists where Witch Song is beyond 100. Nor is there a limit on how many points you can accrue. The more points you have, the greater your chances of winnning.
  • You can also earn points by sharing this contest on your blog, facebook page, twitter (click the cute little button links on the bottom of this post to make it really easy).
  • You MUST add up your own points.

More free stuff:
1. Have you registered to win WITCH SONG on Goodreads yet???
2. If you're a book reviewer, have you filled out the form for a free copy of WITCH SONG for review? **filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee you a free copy.**
3. Have you filled out the form to receive a free, signed bookmark of Witch Song?


  1. Mia said...:

    Yay! Thanks for the giveaway, Amber!
    Count me in if this giveaway is international :)

    Hi, Amber! Thanks for the giveaway! Count me in if it's international :)

    voted 5 times

    total: 6 entries

  1. Tura Lura said...:

    Awesome giveaway!

    Voted 3 times.

    Total: 4 entries

    luraj2612 AT gmail DOT com

  1. Megan B said...:

    Fantastic Giveaway!

    I voted 8 times plus I tweeted:!/acoverlover/status/42911396610048000

    Total: 9 entries!


  1. thanks for the giveaway...looks like a great read!
    I voted 4 times

    I tweeted
    and I facebooked
    and I blogged
    7 points

  1. Thank you for the chance to win!

    I voted 11 times.

    Total 11

  1. April X said...:

    Thanks for the giveaway :D The nail polish is so pretty, and I loved the Dark Divine :) Can't wait for Witch Song to come out, it sounds awesome!

    voted 23 times

    I tweeted:!/ramen_addict/status/43034201213247488

    Total: 24

  1. Thanks Mia! You should totally rename your blog: Mia Rocks. Just sayin' . . .

    Tura: Appreciate it.

    Megan: Love your profile pic.

    Twimon: I saw your blog post. Thanks!

    Mary: Sweet, thanks.

    April: *jaw drops to the floor* I'm guessing you're either a big fan of me, or Bree. Maybe both???

    I had some people comment that they'd rather receive the whole prize package. So I combined the two prizes into one. If any of you aren't happy about this, I could totally change it back.

  1. Ashley G. said...:

    Awesome giveaway! Would love to win. I voted 11 times. I also added it to my to-read list on Goodreads!

    Total:11 entries

  1. Gosh this is so generous to be giving away loads of stuff! I'd like to get a copy of Witchsong...hmmmm, will go over to the link. Thanks Amber! :)

  1. What a great contest! Thank you so much!!

    Voted 18 times
    +1 Entered to win on GoodReads
    +1 Requested Book to Review
    +1 Requested free Bookmark

    = TOTAL = 21

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for doing this!!!! I've filled out the forms and tweeted and voted...!/thehiddenbiblio/status/44055877858230272

  1. Dovile said...:

    I'd love to enter too if this is open internationally.

    voted 23 times
    Total: 23 entries

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  1. LC Piper said...:

    Congratulations Amber. It's good to see another published Utah writer success like yourself. It helps me to keep getting up at 4 am to write before work.

    29 points,

    I voted 26 times on goodreads, blogged, tweet and FB.

    1. My Blog -
    Good Reads Lists
    2. 2011 - Books to read
    3. Judge A Book By Its Cover!
    4. 2011 Book Releases I Crave
    5. Can't wait books 2011
    6. YA Novels of 2011
    7. New Authors to Watch For
    8. Beautiful book covers 2011
    9. 2011 YA Debut Authors
    10. It's All In The Eyes
    11. Books To Read in 2011
    12. Best Fantasy Book Covers
    13. Hurry Up and Release It!!!
    14. Best illustrated Book Covers
    15. YA Novels by Goodreads Authors
    16. Best cover
    17. Cool Summer Books 2011
    18. Books I Must Read In 2011
    19. Books I Have Every Intention Of Reading This Year
    20. What will you read this year (2011)
    21. The "Can't Wait" Books of 2011
    22. Books I wouldn't have discovered without Goodreads
    23. 2011 Debut Authors (Young Adult and Middle Grade Lit.)
    24. Best books of 2011
    25. Young Adult
    26. Classic Fantasy
    27. YA Books of 2010 & 2011 I'm LIVING to read!!

  1. Ashley: Thanks!

    Len: Great. Let me know how many points you end up with.

    Patricia: Thanks!

    thehiddenbibliotheca:Thanks for entering. How many points did you accrue?

    Dovile: Sadly, no. The shipping is just to expensive. But thanks for voting!

    LC: Thanks so much! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:!/thehiddenbiblio/status/44207561368543233

    I've voted 11 times and tweeted...hnwhitlock2000atgmaildotcom

  1. I am so excited for you, Amber. I voted 10 times (I believe it was 10, you know how the mind gets when you are pregnant!) Your book is already doing well. Can't wait until September.

    Total entries: 10

  1. ashley said...:

    I VOTED under the Username Holt350 on goodreads!!!

    Total- 4

  1. + I voted 17 times (Goodreads name: Lexie Hogan)
    +1 I tweeted at!/LexieBookBug/status/45527202590236672
    Total = 18

  1. Thanks, Becky, Ashely, and Lexie.

  1. Megan said...:

    I voted 4 times.

    I tweeted:!/mekyser/status/45695635738992640

    so 5

    megankyser at gmail dot com

  1. Unknown said...:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

    I voted 5 times (would have voted more but goodreads decided to become unavailable)


    shared it on FB:!/miranda.wyattmills/posts/204321512927463

    Total entries 7

    myeclecticbook (at) live (dot)com

  1. voted 5 times


    thanks for the giveaway

  1. LC Piper said...:

    Update to my comment/points, let's make my count an even 30 points.

    I just had to create a new list on Goodreads listopia and issue a challenge for everyone here to vote on it.
    "Books I Pre Order for 2011"
    If you've pre ordered Witch Song, join me and go and vote for it!

  1. Luke: You are officially AWESOME!

  1. Shanella said...:

    I voted 22 times.

    I think the cover is GORGEOUS! =) I'm anticipating reading.

  1. Yay Shanelle! I *heart* you.

  1. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    Voted 1 time.



  1. Hi Amber,

    You know I've been bugging the heck out of you for an ARC of Witch Song so I've already had it on my "to read" list and I've joined the contest, filled out both forms for the Witch Song review and signed bookmark a while ago. I'm an old follower, too. I want Witch Song!!!

    I voted 16 times so far but GR kept going unavailable on me. I'll be posting on my blog, too.
    So 16 pts so far but there will be more!

  1. Thanks, Chloe.
    Kristi: Just let me know your total. I appreciate you, girl.

  1. -facebook
    -blog post
    -voted (one time)

    Total 4

    Thanks for the giveaway Amber <3


    Voted 34+ times on Goodreads. :)

    Total: 35

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  1. Hi Amber,

    I'm re-posting see above. The one that bugs you unmercifully for an ARC and interview on my blog, LOL. I know you must be sick of my emails by now!

    As I said above, I've signed up for everything a while ago. The form for an ARC and Bookmark(signed-Yay!) and I'm an old follower.

    I have 35 votes on GoodReads! Some I couldn't vote for because I haven't had the pleasure of reading Witch Song YET!!!

    Happy St. Patricks Day to All!

  1. Memrie said...:

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

    Voted 10 times
    +1 Tweeted!/darkangel231988

    11 entries


  1. Sandy said...:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to read Witch Song.

    Voted 3 times and added it to my to-read list.

    shwengreen (at) gmail (dot) com

    By the way, the form to request an ARC for review isn't working at the present (at least for me).

    Thanks again!

  1. Sandy said...:

    Never mind about the ARC form. It's working now!

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  1. Congrats on your book! Love the cover! And thanks for the giveaway. =O)

    I voted 16 times at Goodreads lists.




  1. Unknown said...:

    Hiya I voted 30 times (lol under HookBookers)

    and I also follow you via GFC (Brandidid)

    ty so much!


  1. aurora M. said...:

    I vote as debut author
    I tweeted!/scarletredwill/status/48584008426192896
    I facebooked
    I follow as veltara


  1. Great giveaway :). I cannot wait to read Witch Song, the cover is absolutely beautiful by the way!

    I voted 28 times :)


  1. Thanks for the giveaway. It must be really hard for you to give these away but know that they will be loved. :)

    Voted four times for Witch Song in Goodreads:

    Total: 6

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  1. Michele said...:

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    I voted: 7 times

    I tweeted:!/rlawrence110/status/48792887412011008

    Total points: 8

    rlawrence110 at yahoo dot com

  1. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! Really, I LOVE The Dark Divine but haven't been able to get The Lost Saint yet. Plus it's signed and polish! :DDDD

    Voted: 67

    total: 68

  1. Chloe: Thanks for voting.
    Kristi: Actually, I think you might be my first true "fan" which makes me all sortsa giggly.
    Samita: Thank you
    Lexie: Happy ST Patties to you to!
    Darkangel: Thanks.
    Sunny: I'm glad it started working. IT's been having fits lately.
    Michelle: I appreciate the support
    Mommy2Noah: Hope your kiddos get feeling better.
    Aurora: I almost named my daughter Aurora. Love it.
    Meghan: Thanks! I *heart* my cover.
    Maidenveil: Thank you
    Michele: :)

  1. Voted on Goodreads
    Registered to win on Goodreads
    Filled form to get bookmark



  1. I literally finished Dark Divine this morning at 12:40am. I am DROOLING for this giveaway!!

    And I'm really excited about your book. I was even before this blog hop.

    I voted 6 times.

  1. Diana said...:

    voted 3 times (my lucky number)

  1. Megan said...:

    i voted 3 times!

    megankyser at gmail dot com

  1. I voted on goodreads. Can't wait to read your book:)

    1 entry

    bchild5 at aol dot com

  1. Ricki said...:

    I voted 3 times, so 3 points for me!

  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

    I voted 2 times

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Voted 36 times.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!! So awesome. Bookmarks AND nail polish? Whoot. Can't wait for Witch Song, by the way! Love the cover.

  1. WooHoo! I voted for Witch Song on Goodreads!
    I'm a new follower-Lisa Richards

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  1. Katie said...:

    thanks for the giveaway! I voted 10 times!

    so 10 entries


  1. ~ Babs ~ said...:

    I voted 3 times on Goodreads.

    Bhitwr at gmail dot com

  1. Amosette said...:

    I voted 3 times and i re tweeted it!!
    Julie Meyers/Amosette

  1. JennRenee said...:

    i voted three times.

    email is

  1. MannaB said...:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I voted on the 2011 Book Releases I Crave list

    crazypplrok at gmail dot com

  1. Thanks for the giveaway <3 :)
    *I tweeted!/ksmeza/status/49549733118742528

    *I voted 35 times on GR

    total- 36

  1. Lindsay: Thanks!
    Deborah: Dark Divine was a page turner, wasn't it? I'm so glad you're excited. :)
    Diana: 3 is my lucky # too!
    Megan: Thank you.
    Brenda: :)
    Rick: Wahoo!
    Carina: Yay'
    Lucia: And the nail polish is "Divine." Get it? hahaha . . .I need more sleep.
    Lisa: Thanks.
    Katie: :)
    Babs: ;)
    Amosette: You guys rock
    Jenn: Thanks!
    Manna: :)
    ks: 36! Way to go!
    Diedra: Thanks for the award. :)

    The contest is now closed. I'm going over to to pick out the winner. Stay tuned!

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