You All Terrify Me

Friday, February 11, 2011
This is going to be another of those completely honest posts. I don't mean to be whiny, but you all scare the hell out of me. Really. Did you know you were so intimidating?

I think the biggest reason I'm freaking out is because I feel so out of control. I've written the best book I can. But it's done now. There's no changing it. And now it's leaving me. Going out into the cold, cruel world. And while I can try to increase it's range, the public's reaction is largely out of my control. What if it isn't receive well, despite years of my best efforts?

I'm trying to do my best with marketing and such, but I signed with a small publisher, meaning I received no advance. So I'm trying to market on one income and I have three young children, so funds are extremely limited. Also, I'm not really one of the best salesman around. I don't like to be pushy and I'm not a braggart (at least, I don't think I am).

Also, what if it gets bad reviews? I'm promising myself I won't read reviews at all, because I don't want them to change the way I write, or worse, cripple me so I can no longer write at all.

I'm really worried about how this will affect my life. I'm a stay at home mom. I don't want that to change too drastically. I want to be there for my kids. See all their games and all their milestones.

I guess I'm scrambling to redefine myself and my life. Anytime I face a major change, it's scary and overwhelming and intimidating. And even though this is a good change, it's still frightening.

Also, just a little reminder to enter my contest to win a signed hardcover of Tracy Hickman's Song of the Dragon (this is one of those marketing attempts).


  1. Amber, bad reviews oftentimes sell books. Keep that in mind. I'm keeping that in mind. Mostly, I'm worried that people I love and know will hate the book. That happened a tiny bit with Cinders, and it stung. If people I don't know at all don't like it, I can live with that. I'm pretty sure enough people will like it to sell okay. Either way, these things are completely out of my control. Like you said, you've written the book and it's out of your hands now. We're here for each other and we'll make it through. First and foremost, let's keep writing!

  1. Amber, I obviously don't know you, and I haven't read your book, but there's a strength in you that comes through. You will make it! :)

  1. Don't fear bad reviews, fear no reviews. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.

  1. Shanella said...:

    Even bad news is good news? I'm not an author, but I am a reader and blogger and well, whenever I read a book and I think it's bad I don't go off on rants as to how horrible it is, but spend time trying to figure out why I think it's bad. Most times it's just not my STLYE, which means someone else would absolutely love it!

    What I'm babbling about is, don't be afraid of reviews =) Good or bad, it's out of your hands and there will be people who love it and people who don't, but that does not mean you're a bad writer, it just means it's not their style. Hopefully though, they can realize that and give it a truthful review.

    Good luck!

  1. Michelle: I'm counting on you to read my reviews for me and let me know what I need to.

    Nevets: I do??? Cool. :)

    Charlie: So true.

    Shanella: You're right. I am a good writer. Not that I'm perfect, but I'm definitely solid. I can't, nor would I want to change my style.

    Thanks guys. Mostly, I just needed to vent.

  1. We will all come together, writers and bloggers, to promote your book, Amber! :)

  1. Len: Thanks! I hope so. I can't do it without bloggers. :)

  1. Regina said...:

    Stay positive, we will all support you the best we can to help you excel. Just try to stay positive, I mean look how far you have come already.

  1. David said...:
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  1. Well, you let me take your first chapter home with me last year. Why did I ask for it? I wanted to get more into it and provide better feedback, cause it rocked! I'm sure the same can be said about your finished product. Too bad it's not up for pre-order yet, or is it?

  1. Regina: I need to chant that, "Stay positive, stay positive, stay . . ."

    Dave: Thanks! I need all the positive reinforcement I can get. And no, it's not available for preorder. I'll post an announcement when it is.

  1. There are so many good ways to market on your own without spending money. I've seen authors put up Facebook pages and have contests, etc. Or if they're on their own blog and have an ARC/bookmark/etc. contest, they say you get extra entries if you "LIKE" them on Facebook, post a link to the contest somewhere, twitter, etc. I have a friend from uni who just self-published a teen novel with his mother. They're doing all the marketing on their own. They just put together these two pages:
    According to my marketing packet, the events will start March 23rd. They briefly detail plans here: (I don't know if you'll be able to see that one or not)

    With a second book, I've noticed a lot of authors doing "cover reveals" where certain blogs are chosen to reveal covers. Cassandra Clare recently gave different book blogs pages of her upcoming novel each day, then had the final pages of the first chapter on her own site, followed by the first chapter in its entirety. That got the word out, too.

    On your form, you mentioned a blog tour, which will bring more attention to your title, as will interviews.

    Maybe if there are youtube vieos or something...?

    Good luck! I can't wait to raed your book. I bet it will be wonderful!

  1. Bonnie: I like giving away a page of the novel every day. I might try that. A sign up or something.
    I'm planning to do a youtube thing, but probably not until after the book is released.
    Did you fill out the form? I'm not seeing you yet?

  1. I loved the page a day idea. It was such a novel concept I'd never seen before. YouTube is definitely a cool option, especially if done in an innovative way. I remember when someone put audio cassettes up to represent Jay Asher's "13 Reasons Why" and it got so much attention!

    I did fill out the form. That's weird. Let me try again. Let me know if you still don't get it. Sorry for whatever I did wrong!!

  1. Hi Bonnie: Apparently, you didn't do anything wrong. All entries after 45 don't show up. They're on the spreadsheet if you click on them individually or switch to a "list" view. Which is really wierd.
    But the important thing is that it's there! Yay!

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