Famous Authors . . . And Me

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Get ready, get set,
Name Those Authors!

And yes, I did get signed books. And yes, they will be given away as prizes. You all love me, don't you?


  1. Looks like you had so much fun. I am wish I could have gone with you. Looks like you met Jessica Day George (the long red head, so cool!), is Tracy Hickman the guy in the silver jacket and glasses? I have never read his books. I see you met Brandon Sanderson, but I don't know who the other guy in the photo is with you and him. I would say you are a (almost) famous author too! (Famous in my book anyway!) Love and miss you tons.

  1. I LOVE Jessica Day George. So jealous. I've been wanting to get my books signed by her. Someday! :) Hopefully I'll get to meet you someday too and get your book signed! :D

  1. Becky: I miss you too! The other guy is Isaac Stewart, Brandon's illustrator. And the last pic is David Farland.

    Chantele: Have you read Jessica's Sun and Moon Ice and Snow? LOVED IT! Seriously, best book she's ever written.

    And I'd love to sign your book!

  1. Just found your blog through your small pub. post on innocent flower. Cool that you met so many great authors.

  1. Chris: Nice to meet you. Love Michelle. She's been so helpful to me.
    All the authors I met were so awesome. Great bunch.

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